Friday, October 02, 2009

What's in your reading pile? October 2009

Currently reading:

  • Never Tell me Never by Janine Shepherd - an Australian autobiography of an athlete who was hit by a car and made a partial paraplegic
  • The Betrayal of Arthur by Sara Douglass - still going through this one slowly - it's non-fiction so I need to be in the right mood!
  • The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart - Merlin's story
  • Camelot: the once and future king by T.H. White - I have to admit I'm struggling to get into this. The writing style just isn't grabbing me.
Still to come:
Oh, and plus anything I pick up at the library at the time that looks interesting!

So tell me, what's in your reading pile this month?


Wendy said...

Are you in a King Arthur sort of mood these days? I see 3 books on the topic!

Kez said...

lol, you noticed?!

jugglingpaynes said...

The Once and Future King is one of my all time favorites!

Let's see, I have a few I want to get through before they are due:

The Faceless Ones by Derek Landy (third book in the Skulduggery Pleasant series I'm reading with my kids)
Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox
This I Believe: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women (the title intrigued me.)

If I put much more than that on my to read list, I will overwhelm myself!

Peace and Laughter,

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Wow - actual non-kid related, grown-up books! It's been a while. I hate to say it, but the best I've done lately is a few Tea House mysteries, by Laura Childs - pure mind candy. Colder weather is coming on this side of the world though, and that means cozying up by the fireplace with a good book - time to find a few, I guess.

Suji said...

Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express :) Have been wanting to read it for ages.

Kez said...

Cristina - I've had a few people say that - I'll have to struggle through it! The Michael J. Fox one sounds good - I really admire him.

An Almost Unschooling Mum - yeah, hard to believe isn't it?!

Suji - I went through a Christie stage some years ago. I think I still have most of them somewhere. I'm not sure I ever read that one though! I love the Poirot tv series they did with David Suchet - did you ever see those?