Saturday, October 10, 2009

1st tooth!

Master B has finally lost his first tooth! (He was a late starter..)

Much excitement in the household tonight!


libby said...

Wow - I imagine you were starting to wonder if his teeth would ever come out. Hope the tooth fairy came to visit.


Kez said...

Yes I was - over 12 months ago the dentist told him he'd start to lose them soon. This one has been wobbly for weeks, with another one or two on the way. He didn't get his first tooth until after his 1st b'day though, so from what I've heard if you get them late, you generally lose them late.

And yes, she did come for a visit last night :)

Suji said...

Many many congrats :) Is he conscious about it? Does he peek in the mirror to check? That's what DS did for the first one but thereafter he just forgot about the gaps :)

Kez said...

He was a bit self-conscious at first - now he's lost his second though it doesn't seem to worry him as much.