Monday, June 19, 2006

Industrious day

I had a busy day yesterday. I was in the wrong sort of mood to go grocery shopping - I had a list but a few things jumped in the trolley that weren't on the list! I wasn't really in the mood for comparing prices - it was just throw things in. I was really dreading what the total would be but it wasn't too bad. No more treats for the rest of the fortnight though! Only need to get fruit & a roast from the butcher today.

Came home, unpacked and then made some strawberry yoghurt, apple & peach muffins from some leftovers in the fridge. They came out very yummy too - I was quite proud of myself! Dried out the leftover bread bits out of the freezer while the oven was on and made some breadcrumbs. Minced the meat I'd bought - I had to sharpen my knife first which was a new experience - it worked though!!! Made a banana cake while tea was cooking (bananas from the freezer - no way am I buying them at $13/kg!). I'm gradually cleaning the freezer out.

So a very industrious day in the kitchen - not to mention the 2 loads of washing and 3 baskets of ironing I got done too!

Also finished off the website changes I had to make for a resort company - it's using a template program which I don't like but hey, it's all money.

Billy is climbing over the top of me while I type - very hard to concentrate!!

Funeral impressions

  • Tiny little white coffin that made me cry to look at it
  • "Jesus Loves Me" hymn sung by members of their church, including her uncle
  • Beautiful eulogy by LJ's very strong parents
  • Sorrow but strength

We miss you sweetheart.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fairly frugal day

I've been inspired by reading the discussion forum on the Simple Savings site ( so have had a fairly frugal day. I've made up some Thai Pumpkin soup with some pumpkin from the freezer and fruit crumble with the fruit that was languishing in the fruit bowl. My challenge is to not spend anything until Sunday. Except for when we go for the funeral through the week, but that can't be helped. I need to go through the freezer tomorrow and see what is hiding in there and be creative in using it up.

I did have to use the drier today though since it's been raining all day and the work clothes had to be washed. In fact there is still washing on the line from 3 days ago when it started raining! But I cut both Pete and Billy's hair so I guess it's a positive in the end!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

Now I *really* hate tummy bugs..

I came down with it on Thursday night - I can't remember the last time I threw up, it's something I generally avoid at all costs, but I had no choice with this one. It wiped me out for several days, and I still have the attached cold and fuzzy head.

My niece was born on 1st June - I was so out of it that it took several days for it to sink in. She's about 6 weeks early and very ill. Hang in there little LJ! You have wonderful parents who love you dearly.

Work has been flat out - I am finally on a roll again with the Delphi project, plus a couple of websites. It's frustrating because I have a new laptop sitting here waiting to be set up and no time to do it!

Boo to the Tasmanian government for cancelling the Spirit of Tasmania service from Sydney. There goes our Xmas holiday - thanks very much.