Sunday, June 09, 2013

Grey Wolf Hike - and my new camera!

Yesterday Billy led his Grey Wolf hike at Mt Sugarloaf. He led 6 Cubs, various parents and the Cub leader successfully on the 2 hr hike (about 3 kms).

(And my new camera arrived so I finally have some better shots!)

I love this type of bush - the ferns and big rocks. Brings back great memories of hikes in my own childhood.

Firstly we went up to the Summit - as you can see it's quite steep.

The weather wasn't the best. In fact we had a shower of rain just after I took this photo. A bit of a difference to our practice hike last week.

We retraced our steps down from the summit, headed for the start of the Green Trail and stopped for morning tea. This little kookaburra decided to join us.

The green trail was much easier, winding its way through tall eucalypts.

I had to take this photo - the steps just look so inviting.

One of the parents who was with us is into geocaching. At one stage he took the kids off the beaten track to find a geocache.

Another gorgeous kookaburra joined us at the end of the hike when we stopped for lunch. He was halfway up a tall tree - I love my new camera :)

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - May 2013

Next month I hope to have more photos - my new camera should arrive this week which hopefully won't take blurry photos!

Cubs 'Curriculum':

  • Billy went on a Cub camp with a 'Mad Scientist' theme. They had different bases learning about things such as the human body, chemical reactions, safety gear etc. Oh and playing with goop!

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Lots of movie making and editing - he and a couple of drama friends are making a zombie movie together. They spent 4 hours filming one afternoon - and that's just Part 1!
  • The usual drama classes. They're working towards a small performance for families and friends in a couple of weeks time.
  • Billy has taken up singing lessons by request and has been enjoying those.


  • Australian History
    • We're reading "The Girl from Snowy River" by Jackie French set in the 1920s.
    • Looked at a display of Aborginal artifiacts at East Maitland library
  • As part of his Cubs International Culture badge, he's learning about Maori legends, tribes, place names, culture, weapons etc.

  • He continued using the Mathletics curriculum.
  • Real-life use of Maths in cooking
  • He's been busy with logic puzzles 
  • Watched a video about Chaos theory

Science & Technology
  • Watched episodes of Scope
  • Set up a Minecraft Server hosting website and billing system
  • Mad Scientist theme Cub Camp - including growing a Hairy Head
  • Watched the Solar eclipse (safely through the glasses we got from the Transit of Venus viewing)
  • Had a go at a 3D game maker called Unity 3D


  • He participated in a 2 day writing workshop run through Maitland Library - he's writing a story for the Write Now competition
  • Did the Skwirk section on literary description text type
  • We read the poem, The Man from Snowy River


  • AFL / AFL training
  • Archery
  • Mt Sugarloaf practice hike

As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family.