Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a lovely time up at my SILs yesterday - good food, good company - it was great to see all of the nephews & niece. It was a late night home though as we stayed for tea as well. I was wide-awake about 1:30am - too much caffeine - and DH was snoring like a steam train, so rather than smother him lol, I got up and did some course work, answered a few emails etc. I was just heading back to bed at 3am when Billy called out - his eyes were stuck together with conjunctivitis again. By the time I got back to bed it was closer to 3:30 - then he woke up again at 7am with the same problem..

So I've been dead tired today but we got a lot done regardless.

* trips to 2 libraries to return books and get more out
* trip to the chicken outlet shop - quite disappointing, they didn't have a lot of stock. I got 2 chickens for $4.50 each - will cut them up for breasts & pieces.
* monthly grocery shop at Aldi & Bilo - probably not a great idea to do on 5 hours sleep with a whiny, overtired child but we're both still intact!!! He did lose TV privileges for the afternoon though!
* prep work for uni tutoring tomorrow

Still on the urgent list is to finish the lesson I have to do for my course on Tuesday - I knocked over a fair bit of it last night but I still need to do the lesson plan etc. I'll try to do an hour on that tonight and that should just leave tidying it up when I get home tomorrow night. It's a toss up whether I'll be more tired tomorrow night or tonight so I'll spread the load lol.

I also still need to finalise the notes for a new course I'm teaching on Saturday. The powerpoint presentation is done, just needs polishing, and then write the lesson plan etc. I'll take that with me to work on if I get a chance between classes tomorrow, otherwise that will be Wednesday night.. By Thursday I should be able to come up for breath - I've got a day working at home. It's still paid work but I can intersperse programming with loads of washing lol.

Catch you all in a few days I'd say..

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Conjunctivitis update & plans for the next few days

Billy woke in the middle of the night with his eye all gunked together - we'd warned him it may happen, so the actual occurrence didn't phase him, but when I tried to wipe it clean, he screamed & screamed - I'm sure the neighbours thought we were murdering him! Remarkably it was all gone when he woke up later in the morning - yay!!

I played with the budget a bit today to see how we'd go if I wasn't working at all next year. Some belt-tightening but mostly good news :) Did some more thinking which I won't bore you with :)

I got most of my "Getting your business online" course written - I'm teaching that next Saturday so it was pretty high priority. I just need to get a lesson plan together and some timings, and maybe come up with some more activities if it runs short, but at least I have some notes to send through to the course co-ordinator now.

I still need to get my 40 min lesson done for my Cert IV course on Wednesday. It has to be taught twice targeting each individual's preferred learning styles, so I'm still thinking about what I can teach in about 20-30 mins that could be adapted to different styles. Once I decide on a topic it shouldn't take me long to write - I hope!

Monday I need to prepare for uni tutoring the next day - ie go through the lecture & tutorials for the 2 subjects and make sure I've got a handle on them. I also need to get the grocery shopping done, and go to the library on Monday morning.

We have a family "Xmas in July" lunch at my SIL's tomorrow. We may be staying up at my parent's house tomorrow night - not sure what the plans are yet.

I've taken some advice from a few of you and blocked out a day in the week after next for ME! It's marked on the calendar and not to be changed!! Not sure what I'll do but it will probably involve reading & sleeping :)

Pete's down at the football tonight so the bed is lonely... Night all..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Some good news though!

To end on a positive note, we've had a win today - the development approval for our micro-brewery has finally been granted, so we can go ahead with getting the plans drawn up etc. Very exciting! ( - check the blog for the slooooow progress)

And I found out yesterday that one of my clients ( has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine this issue! I think I'm as excited for them as they are :) Well done Korina and Darnell!!

More minor health dramas..

Billy seems to have had the same cold for 2 weeks, it just doesn't seem to clear up. Then yesterday we got a call from preschool to say he'd been sick - he wasn't running a temperature or anything though, was just a bit quiet. He was sick again just before bedtime, and has been fine ever since. I slept on the floor in his room last night to keep an eye on him, so I'm stiff & sore - I'm too old for camping :)

Then today he seems to have come down with conjunctivitis as well - only in 1 eye at the moment, but trying to stop him rubbing it is almost impossible, so I wouldn't be surprised if it spreads to the other by morning. It's our first bout of conjunctivitis in almost 5 years so not a bad run I guess!! I've given him a couple of homeopathic tablets, but not sure if I've picked the right ones or not, and have just been wiping the eye with a warm wet cotton ball. I've also put a couple of saline drops in his eye. If it's no better tomorrow we'll see what the chemist has to say. Typically, we've got a family lunch on Sunday :(

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm just a girl who can't say no..

to work that is :) I have dreadful trouble turning down work - it seems to stem from 1) the fear that if I turn down work it won't be offered again, and 2) I'm a pleaser - I don't like to disappoint people. I'm going to have to start though. Working, particularly working outside the home, is putting excessive pressure on me and the family. It makes me tired & therefore grumpy, and the stress of getting out of the house at a particular time makes for a very unhappy morning - often ending in yelling & tears (and that's just from me lol). It means Billy is in preschool / daycare for long hours which makes him tired (& grumpy) particularly by the end of the week, and I don't have time to do as many things like cooking & gardening. And we won't talk about the state of the house..

Part of the reason I do it is for the money - I always think "I'll just do it to get the money for x", but then "y" comes along. You know what I've realised? Something new will always come along to "need" money for. We live on Pete's wage ok - not fantastically as we are one of those many "mortgage stressed" families they've been talking about lately - but at the moment my wage is mainly used for preschool (ending in December) and anything extra we want - trips away, purchases etc. Currently it's being used to save for the brewery.

I intend to start trying to cut down all work but particularly the work outside the house - I'm already committed with uni tutoring & some teaching until about Oct. I can start saying "no" to new people, it's hard with existing clients though. How do I say no to someone I've always said "yes" to? Like this week - I'd been asked by a client a couple of weeks ago for a few dates to do some training - I gave him 3 possible dates. He booked me in for 2 of those, so I planned some work at home (BAS etc) for the 3rd date - he then decided he wanted to spread the training across the 3 dates. As weak as I am, I grumbled privately but told him I'd do it. So that's 3 days I'm out this week now, 3 trips down to Newcastle and less time for other things.

Any advice? If I go down the homeschooling route I'll have no choice but to say no, but at least I'll have a reason to give them. But I don't want to use that as a reason to homeschool - even subconsciously.

On a related note, the uni tutoring is unlike what I was expecting. I know it's only been 1 week, but I don't find it very satisfying so far. What I like about training is seeing people light up & get excited when they learn something and I get a kick out of the feedback when I'm teaching. The tutoring is virtually supervising not teaching - I answer questions, and I take them through the exercise, but I'm not connecting with them. I wasn't even sure if they were all alive in some of the classes :) I'm sure I'll connect with some students by the end of the semester, but I have to admit that I'm doing it for the (rather good!) money rather than any satisfaction.

Sorry for such a heavy post!

Blog Posts I've liked lately

I've just set up a bit over on the side to share some of the blog posts I've liked recently. It should automatically update as I tag posts I come across - I like checking out new blogs, so hopefully you will too. Enjoy! Let me know if you like it :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Menu plan

Here's my monthly menu plan - just for Lisa :) I usually plan for a "fake takeaway" on Friday nights, and Monday nights are something quick & reasonably light as Pete plays squash. Sun night is baked dinner night! This usually gives us meat for lunches for the week as well. The rest just fits in around our schedule.

Menu is for 2 adults (1 big eater, 1 medium eater), 1 almost 5 year old (small - medium eater). He generally eats what we do - if we're having something too spicy he'll often have noodles, or just a variation of what we eat.

All are cooked from scratch. We usually have some sort of veges with the main, but I make that up as I go along :)

This week:
Mon - meatball subs
Tue - chicken chow mein
Wed - blade steak & veges
Thu - pork & veges
Fri - home made pizza
Sat - (Pete away so B & I just have pasta or scrambled eggs etc)
Sun - (lunch at SILs so nothing planned - will depend on when we get home & how stuffed we still are!)

Week starting 30th July:
Mon - ham & cheese omelettes
Tue - pork chops with balsamic glaze
Wed - spag bol
Thu - chili con carne
Fri - fish & chips
Sat - BBQ Thai spiced chicken
Sun - roast beef & baked veges

Week starting 6th Aug:
Mon - homemade pies
Tue - steak & veges or chips
Wed - rosemary chicken with orange-maple glaze
Thu - hungarian goulash
Fri - pork stir fry
Sat - (Pete away again)
Sun - roast chicken & baked veges

Week starting 13th Aug:
Mon - bacon & tomato pasta
Tue - chicken curry (thai)
Wed - pork chops
Thu - gnocchi
Fri - chicken enchiladas
Sat - t-bone steak
Sun - roast pork & baked veges

There you go - a glimpse into our dinner table! I hope it's provided some inspiration or at least some entertainment :)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lovely afternoon..

It was a beautiful warm afternoon today, so we spent a few hours outside. I've been thinking about a few friend's blog posts lately - Libby talking about having fun ( and Lightening talking about being in the moment ( - so tried to make the most of it. Billy had some fun jumping on the trampoline, and then I popped some popcorn, cut up some veges & we had a picnic sitting on the trampoline - I haven't done that since I was a kid!! We also spent some time watching the clouds (Billy spent about 2 minutes before he was off onto something else! but I spent a bit of time - almost fell asleep lol), watching the bees on the grevilleas & listening to the birds. It was quite peaceful - especially the brief moments when he wasn't talking :)

Wake me up in November..

This week starts a bit of a horror run - for the next 3 months..

I'm starting tutoring at the uni for 8 hours each Tuesday - that's until the end of October. The tutoring itself shouldn't be that difficult, but there will be some prep work each week. The major problem is leaving at 7am to drop Billy off at preschool, then drive to uni and get there by 8:30 so I can get a park. Parking at the uni is a nightmare - I had to go to a meeting there a few months ago and drove around and around for an HOUR before I fluked a park :( I won't get home til about 7pm, so that's Tuesdays pretty much wiped out!

I'm still doing my Cert IV Training and Assessment which involves a full day face-to-face each 2nd Wednesday, plus heaps of assignments in between. That finishes in October as well.

In between I have to fit in a few other courses I'm teaching (including writing a new course), and all of the programming & websites I've got in the pipeline. On the family side, it's Billy's 5th birthday in August and he wants a party, and Pete's 40th birthday in September, and he also wants a party! Neither of which will organise themselves.. Not to mention all the usual cooking, cleaning, washing etc etc..

Can I just hibernate until November please?!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monthly shopping update

Forgive me retailers, for I have sinned -It's been 4 weeks since my last grocery shop :)

I'm going to be able to stretch it out for another week without too much hardship. We'll be near a chicken outlet tomorrow so I'll do a spend up on chicken since we're there, but other than that will just buy fruit & vege, & eggs for the next week. It'll mean powdered milk for the week, and we'll have to be sparing with the butter but we should survive. I'll make sure I have porridge for breakfast rather than toast to spare the butter.

I've just done the menu plan for another 4 weeks - will do the grocery list next week.

Amazing what can be achieved with a little organisation & forethought!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Macca's party..

Billy had a McDonald's party tonight for a class-mate at preschool. I was caught at a weak moment when I agreed he could go... :) I have to say - if nothing else, a McDonald's party gives me a new appreciation for how well-behaved and well-mannered my child is lol.

So we'll be scraping him off the ceilings as he bounces around for the next few days. I was quite appalled by the number of kids who ordered coke with their meal (these are 5 year old kids!) and quite proud of Billy who asked for water.

Yet another point in favour of home-schooling??!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Am I mad???!!

We were discussing the options re schooling last night including Grammar (worked out we could afford it if we wanted to, but what on earth can a kindy teach that costs $4000 pa??!), the local Steiner school (I like a lot of their philosophies but with both of us being computer people, the non-use of computers & technology at any early age doesn't sit well - he already sends family emails unassisted!), local public schools etc. Then Pete completely broadsided me by suggesting homeschooling. We've both had a lot of exposure to homeschooling as my sister homeschools her 2 girls, but I thought he was very much against it. Turns out he thinks it would work well for Billy.

The more we discussed it and thought about it, the more appealing it sounded to me in many ways (my sister will be laughing hysterically by now as I have always said I'd never do it). However the big stopping point for me is (cue bad 80s soundtrack) - "What about me??" Can I do it? I know I'd be able to do from an academic etc standpoint, but what about the fact of being with him 24/7? What about my need for peace & quiet? Would I have the patience to teach him & correct him? What about my business that I've been building up ready for him to go to school? Would I still be able to continue that? They sound incredibly selfish written down like that but that's what I'm feeling. It looks like I'll have lots of soul searching to do (as well as lots of research) before I make a commitment.

I'd love to hear from you if you have any thoughts about it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kindy interview

We had our interview today at the Catholic primary school we were hoping to get Billy into next year for kindergarten. We knew places were limited but it wasn't until we got there that we found out just *how* limited they are.. After they take siblings of existing students, they only have a few places left. One of the few questions they asked us in the 10 minute interview was "are you involved in the parish?" and as we had to answer no, I don't like our chances of us being one of the "chosen few".. Our next choice school we were told in the interview was also in the same situation, and we were advised to look at 2 other schools. One quite frankly isn't in a good area & doesn't have a good reputation (and yes, I fully acknowledge that I am a snob lol), and the other is 30 mins away which is an hour's round trip twice a day.. Other than that we may have to look at public or non-Catholic schools. There is a very good Grammar school but there is no way we can afford that kind of money. I'm not sure what the public schools are like as we've always assumed we'd send him to a Catholic school like we attended.. Some hard thinking ahead...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Working Mum's guilt

I'm sure there's not a working mum out there who hasn't packed their kid off to daycare / preschool / school etc knowing they weren't quite 100% well but not able to do much about it. (And if there are, I don't think I want to know, as I feel badly enough already lol). I faced that today - Billy still had a cold & was a bit whingy but I had to go and train - it's very hard to call in sick when you're the teacher!

And sure enough at 3pm I got the call from preschool - "Billy's just woken up with a temperature of 38, do we have your permission to give him Panadol?"... Luckily I'd finished for the day and was on the way home, so was able to pick him up quite soon after and bring him home. BTW he seems fine apart from running a temp - eating, running around etc, so who knows! Pete has arranged to stay home with him tomorrow though, just in case.

Monday, July 16, 2007


It's cold this morning - got down to -1 overnight (yeah I know many of you are probably thinking "that's not cold" lol, but it is for us!) Luckily I didn't find that out until after I'd dragged myself out of my warm bed to make Pete's lunch. I must say the walkers all looked miserable this morning in the pre-sun-up trip to the station!

Speaking of cold - Billy's cold seems to be on the improve, but now he's reacting (behaviour-wise) to the panadol I used to get his temp down, and he is not a nice child to be around atm! Tantrums, crying, cheekiness - could be a long day! Plus, he's given his cold to me - I wonder if lying around looking pathetic all day will work for me??! Somehow I doubt it :)

Yesterday we went to the Gresford Markets to check them out. Gresford is a little village about 25mins drive from here. I love the drive around that area, it's so pretty. When I was younger, we used to go on guide camps in that area and I have some wonderful memories of it. We hadn't been to the Gresford Markets before and I was expecting (or rather hoping) for a farmer's markets, but it was mainly a craft & handiwork markets. Lots of lovely handmade items - soaps, cards, angora scarfs, clothing etc. There were a few stalls with food, but mainly the pickles & jam variety. It was quite a pleasant time wandering around anyway.

We ended up buying the ubiquitous sausage sandwich as we left and called in to Paterson Park for a picnic lunch and play.

When we got home I did a bit in the garden (hopefully the strawberries I planted went ok in the cold!).
We're staying home for a "pyjama day" today - a day where we don't have any plans and can just lounge around in our pyjamas if we want. I'm starting to stress about the amount of work I have to do again, so I need to write some lists and get some times organised.
Right, now time for some breakfast I think!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baking binge!

I've been on a baking binge this afternoon as the sweet treats in the freezer were dangerously low :)

I'm running out of oil & butter so have been searching for alternatives. I've made:

* coconut choc-chip slice - a yummy 'cakey' type slice with no butter or oil. I substituted sultanas for the choc-chips. (I've made this before - it's very more-ish!)

* low-fat orange muffins - used up the rest of the vanilla yoghurt in the fridge. (new recipe - a bit dry because it's low fat but not bad. Would go well with poppyseeds if I had any!)

* muesli bars - with oats, weetbix, rice-bubbles, sultanas and condensed milk.

I also made up some 'magic cordial', cooked a baked dinner for tonight and a loaf of sourdough. I took some photos but the camera is still playing up and they're all blurry :(

This was the first time I think that I kept the sink filled with hot water & washed up as I went - it made a huge difference.

Billy woke up at 5am this morning coughing and was then sick (*sigh* sheets to wash), and was then sick again about 6am - he's been ok ever since so I think it was due to his cold & gunk down his throat while he was sleeping. He slept on my lap much of the morning so not much got achieved then (other than making my baby feel secure & loved of course!)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Sick boy..

Yep I was right - he was coming down with something. I think it's *just* a cold, but he's running a temp as well, so pretty miserable with it. And he's male, so it's FAR worse than it would normally be lol. It was a shocking night last night - I was up to him every couple of hours, so I'm tired!

We ended up going to watch the juggler at the library ($5 school holiday activity) as he was so devastated that he might miss it. Billy's really into magic and juggling etc atm - the guy was great, fantastic juggler, magician, unicyclist, balloon animal maker etc etc, really good with the kids, and a few adult asides as well. I even enjoyed it. (Yes Libby - I actually had FUN watching it!). We ended up cancelling lunch & the play date though so JH didn't catch his germs as well. They can catch up another time. (The good news is I cleaned the house in anticipation of them coming anyway lol).

So the afternoon was pretty much spent with him watching a DVD and sleeping on my arm. I didn't get much done - I managed to finish the book I was reading though and bawled my way through the last chapters.

It was "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. The basic premise is a "normal" family - daughter Kate is diagnosed with leukaemia as a toddler, so the parents decide to have a child "engineered" to be a match for her. Anna is born and the cord blood is used for Kate. Fast forward 13 years and many relapses for Kate with Anna being the donor each time - first blood, then bone marrow. Kate is now suffering kidney failure and her only possible chance is Anna donating a kidney. But Anna decides to seek "medical emancipation" from her parents so that she's not forced to do it. I didn't know how I'd go reading it, knowing the basic story line, but it's "un-put-down-able". The ending is just so unexpected that I'm still reeling from it. A definite thumbs-up, and you can't help but give your own kid(s) an extra cuddle...

I've got my sourdough starter out of the fridge making the "sponge" ready to do my first test loaf tomorrow.. If it turns out, I'll take some photos!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A rather unsuccessful day..

Not the best day today..

I had to go and see a client and install some changes I'd made for them. Drove to Newcastle, found someone who knew the password to get onto their machine, and installed the changes. Due to their data being different to the test data I had, I found one change wasn't quite right so had to do an 'on-the-fly' change. Then found one report that just doesn't work on their machine although it works fine on my machine. So I played around with that for a while, but wasn't able to solve it. So I've had to take a copy of their data and will try to solve it here. Which means another trip down to Newcastle.

So I was late leaving there, and had to rush and go and see another client. I'm trying to get their network working for them - I now have 3 of the 4 computers talking to each other, but just couldn't get the 4th talking :( I had to leave there (running late again) and go and pick up Billy from preschool and Pete from the train.

That was 2 jobs I was hoping to have marked as completed today, but have to go back and finish off... Then to top things off, Billy came home from preschool, was really lethargic and fell asleep on the lounge. He's a bit warm, not too hot, but I've given him a homeopathic cold lollipop in the hope that it will ward off any lurgies.. Hopefully he's just tired and not coming down with something. We're supposed to be meeting friends at the library & for lunch tomorrow..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There is some hope though..

Well I used the timer today (after I figured out which buttons to push!) and had a short shower - I can't say I *enjoyed* the experience but I have to admit there was a certain adrenaline rush in beating the timer lol.

Just so you don't think I'm a complete slacker, here are some things that I *do* do:

* clean our teeth with a mug of water

* have a bucket in the shower and collect the water while waiting for the shower to heat - this is then used to flush the toilet (most of the time)

* collect the kitchen tap water in a jug when waiting for it to heat - this is used in the water filter

* use any "dregs" of water left in glasses & drink bottles on the garden

* use Billy's bathwater to flush toilets (most of the time)

* only run the dishwasher & washing machine when full

I'm sure there's more - but most of these are starting to be habits by now which is good.

I'm also quite proud of myself for not getting the heater out for the loungeroom yet this winter - I am a real "cold frog". I use a small fan heater in the bathroom while Billy is having his bath, and turn an oil heater on in his room for about 30 mins before bed to take the chill out, but that's it. My aunt gave me a wonderful lightweight polar fleece blanket (with cute cats on it) for my b'day last year which is keeping me wonderfully toasty warm in the loungeroom, along with my uggies of course!

Monday, July 09, 2007

True confessions

Well I have to admit it - I LOVE a nice, long, hot shower... Especially in winter! It's my thinking time, my 'alone-as-possible-with-a-4-yo-coming-in-talking-to-me' time.. I've tried several times to cut them down - I had my kitchen timer in the bathroom for a while until it disappeared, I tried setting the alarm on my mobile phone and leaving it just outside the bathroom but I had to remember to do it, I've tried a clock in the bathroom (but being blind as a bat without my glasses that didn't work well lol).

So today I lashed out and bought a waterproof shower timer. It's a clock as well so will be useful for hubby getting ready for work in the morning. It was more than I wanted to spend but I only had a choice of 2 where I was - the $3 one was a 4 minute sand-timer which had 2 problems - once again, I'm as blind as a bat so seeing sand going through a timer without my glasses would probably be an issue!, and secondly even if I could see it, it would be too easy to ignore :) A persistant 'beep beep beep' should help!

Will let you know how I go..

(I did take some photos of it, but they have both come out really blurry. I suspect someone has been playing with the camera and stuck their fingers all over the lens again and quite frankly I don't have time to clean it atm..)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finally took the photos..

Here is the bokchoy (and spring onions):

and peas, snow peas & carrots:

Friday, July 06, 2007

Don't adjust your screen..

I was sick of the pink so have gone with another template..

I need to buy tomatoes :(

I started getting tomatoes off our tomato plant in early April and haven't had to buy tomatoes since! Unfortunately we're nearing the end of them so I think I'll have to actually *buy* some this weekend :(

I pulled the plant up about 6 weeks ago and stored the tomatoes in a styrofoam box in the shed / under the house. They've lasted really well - I've just been grabbing about 1/2 kg out at a time. We've gotten 3kg off since I stored them!

I wish I'd kept track of how much we were getting off it prior to them but I only started keeping a garden diary about 6 weeks ago. I posted on 15th April that we'd had 1kg off at that point, and we were getting roughly 1/2 kg every week, so a rough guess would be 6 or 7 kg of beautiful fresh Roma tomatoes from 1 bush! Not bad at all I don't think! What's the current price for Roma tomatoes in the shop??!

Pretty soon we'll be able to start eating from the garden again - I have some peas fattening up on the pea plant, and the bok choy is growing well. Another couple of weeks I think. I'll take a photo later today if I don't get blown away :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend away

We had a nice weekend away in Sydney this weekend. We left Billy with his aunt & uncle who don't get to see much of him - they looked exhausted by the time we picked him up 24 hours later :)

We headed in to Sydney, booked in to the hotel at Kings Cross and then caught the train into the CBD. Meandered down to Circular Quay via a great little pie shop (Jesters) we found last time we were in the city. It was absolutely freezing - a cold wind and the sun was only out sometimes, but it was nice if you could get out of the wind and have the sun at the same time :) We had time to kill before the matinee performance of Othello so sat outside the Opera House and tried to keep warm until they opened up the Drama Theatre. Othello was quite good - it was the first time Bell Shakespeare has done it, but much to my disappointment, Marcus Graham (who was supposed to play Iago) was off sick. Rather than cancel, they went ahead with the understudy, Mitchell Butel, who did a surprisingly good job for someone who had 1 hours notice :) It was quite amusing though - he carried the book of the play with him the whole time but only had to refer to it fleetingly - mainly to trigger his memory. The audience did get a chuckle at him straining to see the book while being "strangled" though :) It would've been a lot more enjoyable if it wasn't for the old woman sitting in front of me in the 1st row who spent the first 10 minutes coughing her lungs out (to the extent that one of the actors threw her a throat lozenge lol), then the rest of the time talking or complaining that Mitchell should've known the lines.. Grrrr! Possibly because we were sitting so close to the front and straining to look up, but I found the guy who played Othello moved rather strangely and deliberately and it was rather offputting - I felt he was moving like a Thuderbird lol. All in all, not one of their best, but not one of their worst either - they have a LONG way to go to surpass the sheer dreadfulness of King Lear a few years ago when half the audience walked out!!

We had tea at a little Czech restaurant in Kings Cross (Prague restaurant) - beautiful food, monster plate sizes and a wonderful atmosphere. I'd say we'll go back to that one for sure!

A bit of a sleep in this morning (8:30) then off to pick Billy up from Brad & Riss. I'm sure they collapsed exhausted on the lounge after we left!

It was a nice relaxing weekend, and in good timing too. I've had a very full-on month or so with work, and was getting quite frustrated with a couple of clients. Hopefully I can approach them with a better attitude now!