Saturday, March 24, 2007

40 hour drought

I "unofficially" took part in the ABC local radio's 40 Hour Drought on Wed & Thursday this week - (Unofficially because I couldn't sign on to the website!) The challange was to only use 40L of water per person for a 40 hour period (starting from 7am Wed).

We made it, but it was tough! I "showered in a bucket", used greywater to flush the toilets when they needed it, let it "mellow" when they didn't need flushing, I cleaned my teeth with a couple of inches of water in the bottom of a cup, and was conscious of the amount of water used in other applications.

By measuring the water I was using, it really made me conscious about the water I normally waste. It would obviously be harder long term to forgo showers, and I didn't do any clothes washing over that 40 hour period. It really made me think about each bit of water I was using which I guess is the aim, and I identified a few more ways to save and re-use water.

By next goal is to set up grey water diversion for the washing machine.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The little things..

I have no idea where the last month has gone! I was quite busy with work for a few weeks, plus I've started my Cert IV in Training and Assessment so that has been taking up a fair amount of time. And I needn't mention that I'm on WAAAAY too many forums and have trouble keeping up with them! They all help me keep my focus on various aspects of my life though - frugal Aussies, Simple Savings and No More Debt keep me focused on saving & paying down debt, as well as being more organised, Business Mums keeps me focused on the business and sites like our private Due Date forum from when I was pregnant with Billy, and Real Mums keep my sanity intact :)

I've been focusing on saving power & water this month and have so far found out:

* My washing machine has a "spin hold" button so you can reuse the rinse water. Amazing what you find out when you read the manual - I mean I've only had the washing machine for 11 years lol.

* You don't need to use the maximum setting for everything :) The washing machine cleans just as well on the shortest cycle. Stuff cooks just as well on the low setting! Talk about lightbulb moments lol.

* The washing machine uses a scary amount of water.

That is my main goal this month - to really look at the power and water we use and try to cut down or identify ways we can reuse it eg grey water diversion from the washing machine to the fruit trees.