Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend away

We had a lovely weekend away. We were supposed to be going to a friend's 1 year old's b'day party on Saturday down in Sydney, so we decided to make a weekend of it and take the van down. We got up early on Fri morning to put the van on before we had to go to swimming and then met Gem & Ewan at the park. After lunch we headed down to the Central Coast. We decided to stop at a caravan park at Bateau Bay - it was not a good choice as it turned out! We were right next to the road, and it was noisy :( We did have a nice swim on Shelley's Beach on Friday afternoon though.

That afternoon, we also got a text from the people having the party to say they were all sick, so the party was cancelled. So we just changed our plans a bit and headed a couple of kms up the road to Toowoon Bay in the Entrance. Lovely spot, lovely van park - we quite enjoyed it. Billy had a couple of plays on the playground, we had a swim and play on the beach (my legs are a bit sore from playing catch on the sand lol - I have to remember I'm not as young as I was!!!), and generally just relaxed.

We will definitely have to do it more often. I'd plan better next time though and take more food - it cost a fortune in eating out!