Monday, April 01, 2013

Homeschooling monthly memories - Mar 2013

I'm not sure where March went. I know we were busy! (So busy in fact, I haven't updated the blog in that long - sorry!)
Cubs 'Curriculum':

  • The cubs took part in 'Clean Up Australia' Day.
  • He attended a weekend Cub Leadership course.
  • Billy has been recently made a 'sixer', the leader of 5 or 6 other cubs. He and the other sixers in the group had to plan and run one of the nights, with each sixer getting to run 1 or 2 games each.

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Drama classes.
  • More movie making, green screening. 
  • Learning how to do image manipulation using Photoshop.
  • Visit to an art show.

  • Took lots of photos of the recent floods


  • Australian history
    • We read 'A Day to Remember' about ANZAC Day
    • We watched the Tony Robinson 'Time Walks' series where he digs into little known history of ten Australian cities.
  • We're reading "Pennies for Hitler" by Jackie French about a German boy who escapes from Germany to London and is then evacuated to Australia during WW2.
  • He watched lots of Brain Pop movies, BTN and BTN Specials.
  • He investigated various Australian inventions.
  • Lots of discussion about floods, coupled with real-life observations of the changes of water-level, speed of water, damage caused, smell afterwards etc.

  • He started back on the Mathletics curriculum.
  • Real-life fractions with halving recipes.

Science & Technology

  • Watched episodes of Scope and Backyard Science
  • We watched the International Space Station go over one night. (Gee it goes quickly!) You can see when it will be overhead using this site.
  • He put together a Solar House kit.


  • He's still doing Italian lessons, plus watching La Mappa Misteriosa.

  • Reading Rangers Apprentice Book 2
  • Scripted and recorded a podcast about homeschooling and sent it in to Behind The News.


  • He's taken part in archery, martial arts and AFL training.
  • Watched "My Great Big Adventure" on the ABC school shows about body image.
  • Scootering and learning how to ride his skateboard.

As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family. And lots and lots of cooking with only minimal supervision.

red velvet pancakes

Turkish delight

very sad gingerbread man!