Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are you lonesome tonight?

I had quite a productive day today. I was doing a task on the computer (including a few overdue ones that I've been procrastinating over) then a task up and about (washing, folding, cleaning etc etc). Apart from being constantly interrupted by Billy, I achieved quite a lot.

I'm feeling rather lonesome atm. Mum & Dad, Janelle & the kids left on holidays on Friday, and Pete is away for work - he left yesterday and will be back on Saturday. So far Billy and I haven't killed each other being stuck at home together over the weekend, so we may make it through the week! I thought it was just him but discussions over on Real Mums seem to indicate that arguing about every little thing is a 4 year old trait!

Nothing major to report here - we've had some rain which was nice - even better that some fell where it was needed. I've hopefully got a new website contract - I've done the initial design so fingers crossed they like it. I'm in the midst of setting up offering hosting packages as well - hopefully that will work out ok. I still haven't heard back about a big contract that I did a quote for - the client is waiting on the funding ok. Other than that there is another website in the pipeline, but that's about it. It's very quiet atm - I'm probably averaging 3-4 hrs/wk when my aim is 15 hrs/wk, so finances are pretty tight :(

Friends of ours got married last weekend - Billy had a 'sleepover' at Mum & Dads, so we got to sleep in on Sunday morning - yay! I was talking to a lady at the reception and she mentioned that kindy enrolments for next year were opening this week, she thought. So I rang up on Monday - sure enough they did, so Billy's application is now lodged for kindergarten 2008! We have to have an interview in a couple of months, and they select the ones they want. Tough process! I thought I'd be over the moon putting his enrolment form in, but I have to admit to a touch of sadness that he's growing up. (Still can't wait for him to be in school 5 days/wk though :))

I'm really struggling with some things atm - growing the business to get more income vs working less and cutting spending, specialising vs diversifying. My trouble is that I always compare myself to where others are and come up short (in my mind at least) - I really need to stop doing it! (way easier said than done!) I wonder if everyone feels this way sometimes?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lady has no steps..

Billy loves to answer the phone and races for it every time. The phone rang earlier today and he answered it, listened for a bit, told the lady "I think you need to speak to my mummy" and then handed me the phone saying "it's a lady who doesn't have steps and she wants to buy yours" - it was the House with no Steps for a fundraiser!!!! The lady was giggling so much on the other end of the phone - I think it made her day!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Container gardening

I admit it - I'm a lazy gardener! If I have to do something with a plant on a regular basis, it has to be right in front of me and in my face, otherwise I forget. My vege patch down in the backyard languished because it was 'out of sight, out of mind'. So I've started container gardening - growing plants in a styrofoam box (free from Aldi of course!) right at the back door. They're nice and close, I walk past them on the way to the clothes line so I don't forget about them and I can easily use waste water from the kitchen to water them. Plus they should be a bit more protected from the frost and get the heat from the bricks. I'll use the back vege garden for things I don't have to spend a lot of time on, like potatoes and pumpkin.

So far I have tomatoes doing really well - we've gotten close to 1kg of Roma tomatoes from 1 plant, and have just planted some peas as well. I've also just ordered some 'year round' lettuce, some basil & oregano (have already planted parsley), plus cucumbers, passionfruit and watermelon.

tomato plant gone wild!
There's only 1 tomato plant in there!

Pea plant just poking it's head up.

Yummy homegrown tomatoes
Yummy homegrown Roma tomatoes!