Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Homeschooling Jan - June 2014

OK so my monthly updates have slid out to term updates, now to a 6 month update! We're just too busy living life to blog it!

Creative Arts

This continues to be Billy's focus. He has weekly music (singing & trumpet lessons), is heavily involved in drama and has this year started with a Scout media unit (JNN) to learn and take part in producing, filming, audio, and editing short video segments.
  • Music
    • Weekly singing and trumpet class
  • Drama
    •  As well as weekly drama class, he was backstage crew for Upstage Youth Theatre's Romeo & Juliet production - including taking part in all day bump in (technical set up of lights etc).
    • He took part in audition workshop
    • Went to the Gloucester Shakespeare Festival and watched "Much Ado about Nothing"
    • Participated in a Bell Shakespeare drama workshop
    • Is involved with weekly JNN TV Media unit training - filming, editing, audio etc
  • Art
    • Regular visits to Maitland Art Gallery

Bell Shakespeare Drama workshop
JNN Media Crew - editing room
Cast & crew of Romeo & Juliet


    Australian History
  • Historical walking tour of Maitland
  • SteamFest
  • Tunnel tour of Fort Scratchley
Historical walking tour of Maitland
Fort Scratchley Tunnel Tour

 Other cultures
  • Chinese night at Scouts - ate food, made kite, discussed Chinese culture

  • Billy is working through the Maths OnlineYr 6 curriculum
  • Some exercises from Targeting Maths Year 6
  • Everyday maths - cooking, measuring, budgeting etc

Science & Technology

  • Billy watches lots of science videos including the VSauce and Veritasium channel.
  • Heavily involved in creating videos including use of programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Avid


  • Read "Refuge" by Jackie French, "The Road to Gundagai" by Jackie French, "So Much to Tell You" by John Marsden as well as listened to numerous audiobooks.
  • Writing short films, plays and stories.


  • Participated in the Homeschool Swimming carnival
  • Participated in weekly Archery in Term 1
  • Did an overnight hike in Brisbane Water National Park
  • Took part in Menu planning for hike - discussion on nutrition, hygiene
  • Basic First Aid training (emergency DRABC, snake / spider bite treatment, recovery position)
  • Bowling


  • Italian classes (Term 1)
  • Duolingo Italian app

Scouts 'Curriculum':

  • Citizenship badge
  • Knots, bushcraft construction
Making a Rope bridge

  • Community service 
    • helped out with crowd control at SteamFest 
    • Colour Party (flags) at Region AGM
    • Working bee at hall
    • Masters BBQ fundraiser
    • Clean Up Australia day
Clean up Australia day

As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family.