Saturday, September 30, 2006

I finished!!

I just finished the coding for the 2nd-hand bookstore website! Now it's over to the client for testing and probably a few tweaks, then put it live once the domain is finalised.

Poor Swannies couldn't defend their premiership today - they went down by 1 point. I only saw the last 10 minutes and it was a nailbiter! I heard that it was the closest grand final since the 60s! Pete, Grant, Daz & Julie drove down to watch it - a long way to go for them not to win, but apparently the atmosphere was excellent.

We only have a few days until we go to Adelaide - we leave on Friday for Sydney for a few days first and then fly out on Sunday. We get back late on the following Sunday night, then Charlene and Eve are coming to stay for a few days, and Pete has his brew course as well. So I'm busy trying to juggle finishing off the website (now done!!!!), finishing a few jobs for a couple of other clients before we go away and trying to get the house ready for visitors! I'm not getting to bed until late and Billy is waking up at the crack of dawn (6am this morning), so I am very tired.. In fact I think I'll go to bed right now :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My first comping win!

I'm so excited - I just won a double pass to see Giselle at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre. I'm passing them onto my ballet mad niece - she's so excited too!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well I came home from doing a mystery shop this morning to find Michelangelo had decided to get the markers out and use the CARPET in his bedroom as a canvas!!!!! What was he thinking?!!!
Anyone want a 4 year old??! Free to a good home - heck, any home will do :)

Friday, September 15, 2006


Do you ever feel like you have to be everything to everyone? That you're being pulled in a million different directions and if any of them exert extra pressure you're going to shatter into a million pieces??

My life is like one of those plate spinners at the circus - life is fine while all the plates are spinning ok, but once they all start needing attention, that's when the trouble starts..

I think I need a long soak in a bubble bath with a trashy book tonight.. Now to find if I have any bubbles that Billy hasn't used up..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I have become addicted to a new site - It's Australian and lists thousands of competitions to enter!! I've entered competitions before but tend to get disheartened when I don't win - so hopefully if I enter enough, I'll start to win lol.

I'm busy with the new bookshop website - it's going well so far. Just taking a break from it now to ponder what direction to go in with one section.

Billy's at preschool today - I love Wednesdays and Thursdays! He seems to talk or sing or just make nonsense sounds CONSTANTLY. Plus he follows me around while he's doing it - I still can't go to the loo in peace! It's so nice to have peace and quiet so I can think. I'm really struggling with fitting work in now that he's not napping - I have to do it at night but by the time night comes around I'm usually too tired... I have to keep reminding myself that I work from home so I can be with him - it is my choice and I just have to be flexible and cope with the new routine.. Oh and copious amounts of caffeine may help too :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Born salesman!

Billy had set up a fruit shop in the loungeroom the other night. His value-adding and product placement was very good - he was also selling peelers right next to the apples & pears :)

Anyway, I picked up an apple & pear to buy and he charged me $50 each - I commented that it was very expensive fruit and his comeback - "But this is a very, very, very, very, very good fruit shop!!!!" LOL

Thursday, September 07, 2006

This week

So what's been going on this week?

Billy finally finished the antibiotics - yay! He's completely fine now.

Boutique Bubs website ( website finally went live - I'm quite pleased with it and I think Kellie is too.

Pete's been away in Sydney for a few days for his Masters - I think that's it as far as the courses go, he just has to complete a couple more assignments and he will be finished!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Father's Day

It was Father's Day today, Billy was at Mum & Dad's place because I had to work. They went to the cemetery where my grandfather (Mum's Dad) is buried to put flowers on the grave.

Billy told me tonight that "Garmummy has a Pop too - we went to visit him today and left flowers in his yard but we didn't see his house" :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ear update

Back to the dr yesterday and got the all clear on the ear - he said that as much as he could see the hole had healed and it was all white inside which meant no infection. There was still some dead skin and dried blood and stuff floating around inside but that should come out of it's own accord. Very good news!

His temp went down on Tuesday - I didn't need to give him any panadol Tue night, and he's been fine ever since - you wouldn't even know he'd had a problem. Still on the antibiotics though - that's painful 3 times a day!

Tue we went to Cafe Au Play for lunch with some ladies I know from online - it's a kid's indoor play area with a small cafe - Billy had a blast and wants to go again next week!

Wed & Thu I was flat out with work while Billy was at preschool. I got a lot of little bits and pieces out of the way which was good, but more work keeps coming into my inbox every day! I'm struggling to juggle it all, but am thinking of the money :)

Fri I had a migraine so I don't remember a lot of it! We had the drs appt and went to the library - I think that was it. Pete got home about 8pm - he's off in Sydney again next week for a few nights too.