Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I hate tummy bugs. Billy was sick several times on Friday - including in the car, then fine on Saturday until he was sitting on my lap at night and threw up all over us both. Fine Sun & Mon (well, other than not himself with a heavy cold), then threw up in bed last night... He's eaten a bit this morning so let's hope it stays down.. So now I'm feeling ultra-guilty for putting him in preschool yesterday while I had to work..

On another topic - do you think I've watched too many episodes of Blues Clues when I can start understanding what Blue says????! lol

Monday, May 29, 2006

Finally succumbed!

Well, I've finally succumbed to the ultimate in geekdom and started my own blog. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm only doing it to procrastinate...

I'm hoping I can keep this updated regularly - I have been very slack with keeping a diary lately. I think it's because I have to actually hand-write - not something I like much now!

I have to make some changes to a website for a client - it's one of several jobs I've got going atm. I spoke to the client on Friday about 2:30pm to find out what changes she wanted - it's 2pm Monday and I just got an email from her wanting to know when the changes would be done! I'm afraid I have a rebellious/stubborn streak - I'll go out of my way to get things done - but as soon as someone pushes me to do it, I put my back up and go on a go-slow.. Oh well, such is life!

Best go and do some work now I guess!