Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day in Our Life - Oct 15th

I'm planning a slow day today - Billy has finished a 2 day science workshop through the CSIRO, he's exhausted and I'm feeling the same way from being taxi driver, running around doing errands and waiting around.

6ish. Wake up to the alarm, doze & listen to the news (all depressing). Stagger out of bed, pack Pete's lunch and wave him off to work.

Listen to B tell me about some stuff that happened on the science day, check emails while continue to be hassled by Billy talking my ear off. He wanders away to put batteries in a baseball pitching machine.

I get us breakfast - yoghurt & kiwi fruit for Billy, and a poached egg on toast for me. I make a start clearing the 100+ unread emails that I have while helping B with a logic computer game.

Have a shower, do my workout (yeah it would've made more sense to do it before my shower!), put a load of clothes in the washing machine.

Put my headphones on to block out Billy and do an hour's paid work. Billy disapppears into the kitchen to prepare morning tea for us and afterwards does some more on the computer.

I switch to Household CEO mode - answer an email from Pete asking if he's free on a particular day, hang the washing out on the line, check if my tomato and cucumber seedlings have sprouted yet (they haven't) and get the garbage bin in from the footpath.

10am - switch to "school" mode and we watch the ABC school shows together while eating our morning tea. Billy has made us both a ham sandwich, a handful of chips and some sultanas. Today we watch For the Juniors which is about the sun. There is only one primary school show on today so he watches some Cartoon Network after that.

He does some catching practice with the baseball machine.

We scan in the groceries I'd bought yesterday - Billy does the scanning and entering prices, and I unpack and put away. I enter the grocery receipts into my spreadsheet - I'm attemping to only do the main grocery shop monthly (with weekly fruit & vege shops where needed), so I'm trying to keep track of what I buy. Do some internet banking.

12ish. Time for lunch. I sit and read a book for a while, then snuggle on the lounge with Billy and watch some Tom & Jerry. We watch a couple of episodes of Cyberchase, then I get up to do some stuff while Billy keeps watching.

I go out to get the clothes off the line - the wind is so strong I have to climb the fence to get a shirt out of the neighbour's yard!! (Unexpected exercise for the day lol).

I empty the dishwasher, and start filling it up again with the dirty dishes that have accumulated over our couple of busy days. I clean the water filter out. Billy wanders around the house taking photos of stuff.

He does his exercises with his dad once he gets home, and some more catching practice with the baseball machine.

I sit down with a cup of tea to read some blogs for about 30mins. Back up, this time to start cooking tea - sausages, mashed potatoes, spinach (from the garden), broccoli (from the garden) & carrots.

Eat tea and watch the news.

Wash up and clean the kitchen - again.

Billy is asking questions about Buddha, so Pete decides to put on an episode of Monkey to watch. (Don't ask me why!) Billy watches most of that, and then decides he is tired and ready for bed. Stories from Pete & I, kisses & hugs, then finally he's in bed about 8:45.

I type up this blog post while giving Pete some website design advice. It's now 9:30 and time for me to start getting ready for bed. Night!

(Most photos courtesy of Billy!)


Wendy said...

Laundry and cleaning... Does it ever end? LOL

Yes, it is funny that you worked out AFTER showering.

libby said...

Another busy day in the life of a Mum. Sounds like it was a nice one though, and not too stressful :-).


Suji said...

Your garden looks so pretty! I really like these day in the life posts Kerrie, makes me feel like I'm there watching you guys have fun (and empathising with you running the household, homeschool and everything else with such a clear head).

One of these days I have to write one too.

Thanks for stopping by earlier despite your busy day!

Anonymous said...

We love Cyber Chase too! Math...check! I am so impressed with your garden. We plant things and then they wither away! :)