Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 week exercise plan - wk 2

I had to push myself to get it done this week, but I did it! It's been a hot week and I was feeling a bit hormonal, so I had to really make an effort.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 20 min walk (in the 30+ C temps!)
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - '10 years thinner' exercises - for the first time I did all the reps of all exercises except the pushups - I can't get more than 15 done!
- Also did the 20 min yoga workout that night (did the Gentle Hatha workout)
Friday - 30 min slow walk
Saturday - '10 years thinner' exercises
Sunday - rest day


Suji said...

Y'know each time I try to lose wieght I always cop out after 2 weeks max. You are such a determined person Kerrie! You don't know how much more persistent you are than I am :)

Butterfly said...

Good on you! I think posting your progress must really help, like keeping you accountable in a way, and knowing we'll all we pleased for you.

I have noticed exercise gets easier the more you do it, and you are rewarded with a natural high - hope all that kicks in for you soon. Keep it up!

Tracy said...

Keep up the good work! I haven't done any exercise since Tues because I've been sick. I started doing the wii fit. Which is fun because it is different from any other exercise program I've done. Your doing great!!!

Kez said...

Suji - I have to admit that I'm stunned I've kept going for this long as well.

Thanks Butterfly - yes, posting my progress definitely keeps me accountable. I would've given up most of this week but the fact I had to admit that to everyone made me keep going!

Thanks Tracy - I've heard great things about the Wii fit, but as much as my son wants one, I have no plans to get one anytime soon. Guess I'll have to stick with the old fashioned way!!