Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 week exercise plan

One of the local gyms is offering a 6 week trial for $90 atm. I seriously considered doing it, but when I started to look at the logistics of getting there 3 days / week (which they recommend), it all seemed too hard. I'd have to fit it in between DH getting home from work at 5pm and the gym closing at 7pm, and then juggle the time between DH's squash commitments (twice a week) and Billy's "after-school" activities (3 days a week). It was stressing me out just thinking about it!

So I've decided to implement one at home - the child care is easy (and free), and I just need to walk into my bedroom, not drive for 20 mins each way!

You, my lovely readers, will be my accountability buddies.

The 6 week part of it appeals to me - it has a definite end that I can look forward to. I'm aiming for 20 mins exercise, 5 days a week. I'll mix it up - I'm planning on walking for 20 mins on 2 days, doing a 20 min yoga workout 1 day (these downloads are fantastic), and these '10 years thinner' exercises on 2 days.

That's the aim anyway - I may not reach it every week, but as long as I do some exercise, I won't be failing.

I started yesterday with a 40 min walk. Probably not a great idea when I haven't walked in weeks - ouch! Then this morning I attempted the '10 years thinner' exercises. I say attempted - I did half the recommended no of reps for each exercise, without the hand-weights - and my muscles still feel like jelly! I guess I have a way to go :)

Wish me luck!


Katy said...

That's the way! :D You definitely have to find something that works for you and fits in easily. If it doesn't, you won't stick at it!!!

Dana said...

Good luck, Kez! Keep at it and you will get into a groove.

Tracy said...

I just start my weight loss journey again. I started weight watchers. last week. I'll be posting my progress on Tuesday on my blog. Exercise is a hard on for me too. If you do it. I'll try to do it too.

libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

I think this sounds like a great plan for you. I know I would never exercise if I had to go at night - too tired and to me that's family time. Can't wait to here how you are going.