Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 16th Feb

Notes on last week's menu:
* Thursday's spag bol was shifted to Saturday night.
* Homemade fish fingers went over well (basically just cut the fish into fingers, crumb with egg & breadcrumbs & cook in the oven).

To use up this week:

Menu Plan this week:

Monday - fried rice
Tuesday - pork chops & ?? (DH cooking)
Wednesday - shepherd's pie
Thursday - orange chicken stir fry
Friday - steak & veges
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - steak with mushroom & onion gravy & veges

For more exciting menu plan ideas, see Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


Unknown said...

Kez I am so sorry it wasn't until this morning that I truly registered the comments to my post last wek and that you were a new commenter so a very belated welcome to Daisy Mountain!

I have never menu planned but now I am working it is an absolute necessity stil;l haven't wuite got the hang of it and tend to scoot around and look what other people are having and choose something form there and something form somewhere else - LOL

Your Oranfge chicken sounds good care to share the recipe??


Kez said...

lol Daisymum - no worries and thank you :)

Orange chicken is something we've had before - I got the recipe from I left the salt out last time I made it as it was salty enough with the soy sauce.