Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Weather Unit - Science

In case anyone is interested, here is what we covered in our science Weather Unit. (Even if you're not interested, it helps with my record-keeping!)

1. Weather observation
• Record the weather each day for 1 month – ie sunny, cloudy, rainy
• Make a chart to summarise the weather for the month.
• Identify suitable clothes for different weather - Cut out pictures from magazines to show what you would wear when the weather is hot, cold & rainy. (PDHPE)

2. Wind
• Make a wind sock to measure direction. Use compass to read direction.

3. Clouds
• Learn about stratus, cirrus & cumulus clouds
i. Use digital camera to take photos of each type of cloud
ii. make a clouds poster
• Make clouds in a bottle (
• Make fog (

4. Precipitation
• Learn about the types of precipitation (
• Use website to make a snow flake (
• Make a snow flake using paper cutting (symmetry)
• Make a rain gauge

5. Temperature
• Record the temperature at several points throughout the day using a thermometer.
• Discuss when water boils & freezes

6. General
• Practice spelling weather-related words
• Write a weather-related acrostic poem

As we were driving along the other day, Billy looked up and said - "hey, look at the cirrus clouds" - so I guess something sank in from all of it :)


The Tin House said...

Kez, when Thomas was about 4, we were driving along in the car listening to Fleetwood Mac's Dreams. The lyrics go, "thunder only happens when it's raining"....a little voice piped up from the back, and I quote,

"well, that's a load of rubbish isn't it Mum!"

It's right up there with his charming remark to a little old lady crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing, "get off the road you old codger"...shouted, very loudly, from the back seat, with the window open. I hope she was a bit hard of hearing!!

(I wonder where he picked that up???)

Lisa x

Kez said...

He's so true about the Fleetwood Mac song! I'd honestly never thought of it!

lol at the "old codger" remark - they're the times you want to sink into the ground :)