Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our week of learning - 8th Feb

We had such a busy week this week. Monday our homeschooling get-together started up again with an Australia Day theme, Tuesday we had drama class, Wednesday we went up to visit Mum & Dad, my sister & nieces as they were home from holidays, Thursday was circus class, Friday I had to go and see a client (which means B comes too) - so despite my good intentions of only being out 3 days / week, we were out every day! I'm tired...

He practised the letter 'c' in handwriting, and wrote an acrostic poem about weather. (Acrostic poems are ones where the first letter of each line form a word).

Wind makes me
Thunder makes me
Hide under my bed.
Every time lightning strikes I

Maths: Leap into Maths Yr 1 workbook - Unit 18.

Science & Technology: He played a DK computer CD called 'Become a Science Explorer'. We had other things planned but it was too hot and we were too exhausted, so we substituted. I love the flexibility :)

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We watched the first episode of 'Walking with Cavemen' - in fact Billy watched it a 2nd time just because he enjoyed it! So there's been lots of cavemen discussions going on around here! I've requested the DVD from the library as for some reason the tv is showing episode 4 this week, not episode 2!!

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama started back with lots of new kids in the class. I think there are 16 in the class now - I pity the teacher :) (I think she has an assistant now to help out)

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Circus class started! They started off as a group doing work with hula hoops (round the waist & wrist) and then moved on to balancing - I expected balancing would be on beams - but no, it was on each other's backs!! Then for the rest of the time they could go and do whatever activity they wanted out of what the instructor had - unicycle, juggling, spinning plates, diablo, devil sticks, not sure what else. They could just swap between them whenever they wanted. The only things with restrictions were the "high" stuff - trapeze, rope & pole - Billy did have a go at the rope under supervision.

Basically apart from being unco like me, and having very little strength, he had a good time. John (the teacher) told me afterwards (in a nice way) that he has a problem with listening & following instructions (like that's news to me!), so he won't be allowed on the trapeze until he can listen because of safety issues.

In an effort to get fit& strong for circus class and Auskick, Billy has developed an exercise chart with Pete and he marks it off each day - too cute! He's doing squats, jogging around our yard (bit hot for that atm), sit ups and bench presses with the hand weights.

Life skills (cooking, gardening): He cooked more scrambled eggs - this time completely by himself, even serving it out. They were pretty tasty too! It's been too hot to do much else in the kitchen or garden.

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