Monday, February 23, 2009


While I'm extremely pleased Billy can think & reason for himself and doesn't accept what he is told without questions, my goodness it is tiring to be on the receiving end of it 24/7!!!!


The Tin House said...

but whhhhyyyyyy Mum, whhhhyyyyyyy?

lol xxxx

Anonymous said...

With every fibre of my being I AGREE.


Kez said...

I'm both sorry (for you) and pleased (for me)that you agree with me :)

Suji said...

Hi Kez!
This is Suji from responding to your comment on my blog earlier today. Thanks for dropping by! For some reason, reading your posts, I feel like we're pretty much in the same boat with our 6-year-olds though we're living 1000s of miles apart :) They sound so alike. Nice blog you have :) Hope it's okay to add you to my HS friends blogroll.

Kez said...

Welcome Suji - I'm still poring over your blog and taking notes :) I've already downloaded the MEP Yr 2 workbooks (the ones that weren't password protected anyway!). Yes, it sounds like our kids are very similar!