Saturday, June 14, 2008

A star is born?

Billy had his first ever drama concert last night - on a real stage in front of about 300+ people! It was the mid-year concert for their entire theatre company - kids ranging from 5 - 16.

His group (5-8 year olds) certainly won the "cuteness factor" award lol, even if the technical aspects like remembering what they were supposed to be doing lacked a bit. They had a ball though, so that's really all that matters!

The theme of the night was "At home" - his group's play was called Pillows. Half of the class were pretending to be a car that went faster and faster & then exploded until they all fell down and went to sleep, and his group were a washing machine that did the same thing. I'm not really sure of the reasoning behind it :) Then the car group got up to raid the fridge, the others woke up and followed after them and they ended up having a pillow fight! It ended with them all stating "At home I like to..." (Billy's was 'invent'), followed by them all saying "At home we like to dance" and doing a free-form dance. It was very cute :)

The kids had to be there at 3pm for rehearsal and the play didn't start until 5:30pm so I offered my help during that time if they needed me. I was asked to help supervise his class - so I was able to witness the chaos of the backstage, and the rehearsal. I wasn't expecting great things after seeing the rehearsal but like they say it was "all right on the night!"

It was good to see what the older classes did too - something to look forward to if he progresses with it.

We had a busy night - that finished about 6:30pm, then we had to go next door where we had tickets to "The Happy Prince". It was a puppet show based on the classic story by Oscar Wilde. It was good, not at all like what I was expecting, and I thought it was a bit slow in places for kids, but I enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they had fun! I'm a primary school teacher by training (though not teaching in the traditional sense atm) - anyone who plans and organises a little kid's production has the patience of a saint - I know from experience :)
And thanks for responding to my feed question - big relief there!

Kez said...

Yes, Riley (his teacher) must have the patience of a saint. I was ready to throttle half of them - mine own included, and she was cool, calm & collected lol.