Monday, June 23, 2008

Menu Plan - 23 June

Notes on last week's menu:

Spicy chicken burgers were quite nice - I didn't make them too spicy because Master B was eating them as well. I shaped his more like chicken nuggets so they were a bit more acceptable to him :)

We didn't get to the pork bami on Friday night - Pete got home late from work and I couldn't be bothered making anything new at that point so we just had pork chops & veges instead.

I threw a couple of handfuls of red lentils in the spaghetti bolognaise - no complaints so I'm not sure if they were noticed or not. I was quite .. um .. gassy the next day though so it's obviously a baby-step thing to get used to :)

To use up this week:
* I've been slacking off using leftovers again so have a bit of food to throw out :(

Menu Plan this week:

I'm not feeling overly inspired tonight so have gone for tried & tested recipes.

Monday - 'cardboard' fish & chips (I was in a hurry and it was far cheaper than take-away)
Tuesday - blade steak & veges
Wednesday - ham & cheese quesadillas
Thursday - some sort of beef casserole - maybe stroganoff?
Friday - thai chicken curry & rice
Saturday - home-made pizza
Sunday - roast chicken & veges

For more menu plan ideas, see Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

Eating from the garden:
* spinach
* various herbs

Planting this week:
* beetroot
* parsnips

See my "Quick Updates" over on the side to see what I've been up to in the garden lately.


libby said...

Hi Kerry,

Another reason you need chooks - no leftovers ever go to waste :-). I think our chooks must be the best fed in the country :-).


Lara said...

Sounds really goos. You're a better cook than my mom, im shure!