Sunday, June 08, 2008

The fine art of strewing

I love how learning happens when kids just follow their interests. This morning Pete & Billy were playing a quick game of the computer game Civilization (one of those ones where you build your own country etc). They chose Egypt as their country.

I "happened to mention" that we had a cool book on Egypt (a gorgeous book called Egyptology), got it down off the shelf and put it on the coffee table. A couple of hours later, Billy brought the book over to me and we had a snuggle while we looked through it.

At various other times through this afternoon, he looked up where Egypt was on the map (blue-tacked on our schoolroom wall) and looked at what their flag looked like (another poster on our wall). He just pulled out a ruler his Ma (my MIL) had brought back from Egypt for him with hieroglyphic characters to trace, and "wrote" his name in hieroglyphics!

Ah, the power of "strewing"!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea!. I had not come across strewing in this sense before, but it sounds like a great thing to do. You have inspired me to do this sort of thing myself (more consciously, anyway).


Creative Life Studio said...

Yes, I love to get out old things the girls haven't looked at in a while and leave them about the house for them to pick up and look through. The breakfast bar seems to be a particularly clever place to "accidentally" leave something "lying about." :)

I wish somebody would strew interesting things for me!! :)

How is your cutting back on computer time going? I hope you're not reading this on Sunday (when I'm writing it!!)! LOL! :)

Kez said...

It's a great way to introduce new things without forcing them to learn something.

Sometimes it doesn't work - they'll have no interest, but hey, that's ok too - I don't have interest in everything I see!

Kez said...

Mrs P - yes it'd be nice if someone strewed for us :)

I'm about to blog about my computer time - it's going pretty well!

The Tin House said...

Kez, I've never heard the term before but will happily adopt it. Homemade pasta is the best. We had it on Saturday night too.....weird.

Lisa x