Friday, June 06, 2008

Ouch I'm sore!

I spent a few hours out in the garden this morning - firstly weeding the area around the hedge (near the back deck), and then planting it with 40 bare-root strawberry plants! Oh boy I'm sore now :)

Strawberry varieties planted were Hokowase, Chandler, Kunawase, and Cambridge Rival (10 of each), purchased from Diggers. Billy was my 'helper' - he was in charge of watering them after I planted, and also putting a 'paddle-pop' stick in beside them so they weren't accidentally weeded out!

They should get enough sunlight between the hedge plants - the Cambridge Rival doesn't mind part shade, so I've put them closer to the bigger plants. I'm going to buy some borage and plant around them in Spring as well for pest control.

Close up of one of the plants - no idea which type went where though :)

Also the garlic I planted a couple of weeks ago is going great guns.

And my pea & snow peas have started to sprout - I haven't had much luck with them this season, so fingers crossed these ones do well.

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The Tin House said...

Your tubs look terrific. Don't the bare root plants look diabolical when you first get them! The garlic will be wonderful when you harvest it. When my first garlics arrived a few years back, I went from using 3-4 cloves in my cooking, to just waving the bulb over the pot - yum. It will be nice to be able to pick different strawbs throughout the season. You'll have strawberries coming out your ears. Lisa x