Friday, August 31, 2007

Quick shop

At the chicken shop today, I managed to get 3 whole chickens for $4.80 each & slightly over 1.5 kg corn-fed breast for $12.6 ($8 / kg). All up $27 - not a bad haul!

We then called into Aldi where Billy amused a few people by declaring loudly "We like specials! We only buy things on special" :) I'm teaching him well lol. I spent $36-odd for enough to do us until I can do a proper shop sans child. A few things were pantry fillers - eg 2 packets of sugar - 1 to use, 1 spare; 3 boxes tissues, 5 tins tomatoes etc.

I'm going to see how long I can stretch it out before I do a real shop. Most importantly I took the excess money OUT of my wallet - it has a tendency to jump out and spend itself on incidentals if it stays there :)


Joyce said...

Well done Kex, shopping is one of my biggest downfalls.

Mmmmm love corn fed chicken too, isnt it yummmmmy

Ali said...

LOL at Billy's out loud declaration !!

lightening said...

LOL - love Billy's attitude. :-)

Great bargains too! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Billy's comment sounds like something my kids would say ! Gotta love a bargain :-)