Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My camera arrived yesterday! My darling hubby picked it up from the post office for me as I was working late, and I got to play with it a bit last night. I think I'll be using it on Auto for a long time, but I'd love to play with all of the settings one day!!! I'll take some proper photos tomorrow.

I also turned down work yesterday. I was asked to run some courses in Term 4 - it was up to me what courses, what days & times etc, and it was really hard to turn it down.. I knew I had to say no for my own sanity, but I had a few mental arguments with myself "maybe I could just do a few days" etc.. But I finally sent the email off to say no. I'm proud of me!!!

Yesterday was my day tutoring at the uni (4 down, 8 to go lol), then today was my Cert IV course (as student not teacher). So I'm a bit brain dead and have a slight headache, early night for me tonight.


Susan said...

Yay on the camera arriving! My best advice with any new camera is to sit down and read the manual form cover to cover, sounds boring but it will mean you will move to a semi auto mode/manual mode even quicker :) best thing about digi is if you make mistakes you just delete them!

Good on you for saying no to the work too. Saying no can be really hard. But its obviously what you wanted to do :)

BTW go check my blog, I nominated you for an award :)

Lisa said...

Congrats on your new camera. I look forward to seeing some pictures soon!

Lisa said...

OOH and i should add that you should be very proud of yourself for saying NO. As women we often try to do too much, now you can work on that list from your previous post.

Lisa said...
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Kez said...

Susan - I'm an engineer - of course I sat down and read the manual cover-to-cover lol! Seriously, I did, while I was waiting for the batteries to charge :)

Ooh thanks - off to check your blog!

Thanks Lisa!

libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

Well done on saying NO to more work - I know it must have been hard for you.