Sunday, August 12, 2007

Farmer's Markets

We went to the Kurri Farmer's Markets yesterday morning. It was a bit smaller than I was expecting with only 2 or 3 fruit & vege stalls. There were lots of other stalls with jams, pickles, sauces, soaps etc so had a pleasant time wandering around anyway.

Prices for the fruit & vege were quite reasonable - I picked up 2 kg Pink Lady apples for $6, a lettuce, tomatoes, a cucumber, capsicum, snow peas & a toffee apple for Billy for $12.50. As nice as the jams, pickles etc looked, I kept thinking "I can make it for much less than that".. I have to admit to being suckered into a packet of guide biscuits from the Girl Guide's stall though - I was involved in Guides for so long that I have a soft spot for them (not to mention the biscuits lol).

I'm hoping the fruit & veges were local - I've been a bit cynical since I saw a roadside seller (who I always assumed sold stuff from his garden) pull up early one morning with a trailer load of fruit & vege from the nearby markets!!


Kris said...

The markets up the road from us are basically trash a and (very little) treasure with a lot of made in China T-shirts with Harley Davidson pictures on them. Living in a rural area, we expected a little more. I guess producers make their living by selling on to Coles, not interested locals.

Loved your day off account. What I miss is being able to do things without watching the clock. It sounds like you were able to do that - well done, it's quite a challenge.

Lisa said...

that is the hardest part about shopping at markets, not knowing where the produce is from. I do like that fact that at the supermarkets (and I also noticed it at quite a few stalls at the central markets here in Adelaide) that they are getting on board with labelling the place/country of origin. Was very keen to buy the stuff from SA :)

Jacqui said...

I am reading through your blog Kerrie as I am hoping it will give me some insight into the Hunter Valley and now at least I know there are markets near by. That's good.