Monday, August 27, 2007

Credit for the cake!

I forgot to give credit where credit was due for Billy's b'day cake - I used Lightening's fudge cake recipe (except substituted carob instead of cocoa). It all but disappeared, and received so many compliments! It's a staple in our house, it freezes well (when it gets a chance to be frozen!) and now I know it works well as a 'fancy' cake too!

Thanks J :)


Joyce said...

mmmm sounds delish, will have to try it

Karen said...

I know this isn't related to this comment but it is related to home schooling. Thought this might motivate you !!!

You can delete this from your blog once you have received it.


lightening said...

Glad it went down well Kez! :-)

Kez said...

Thanks for that article Karen - that would be a BIG job!!!