Friday, August 03, 2007

Book Review: The White Masai

Yesterday I finished reading "The White Masai" by Corinne Hofmann. It's an amazing book - the story of the first part of her life. While a young woman, she went to Kenya for a holiday with her boyfriend, and fell in love with a Masai warrior. She ditched the boyfriend, moved to Kenya and moved in with the Masai - in his little hut. The story follows their life through illness, red tape, family problems, starting a couple of businesses, the birth of their young daughter and more, and ends when the daughter is a young toddler (not wanting to spoil the ending lol).

While I wasn't totally impressed with the writing style (being translated from the German may have contributed to that), the story itself really makes you appreciate how easy we have life here and is quite hard to put down. It's one that will stick in my mind for a long time I think - I'm already keeping an eye out for the 2nd & 3rd books in the series.

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