Saturday, August 04, 2007

A good day

This morning I taught my "Getting Your Business Online" course for the first time. I only had 3 students - a 4th rang in sick - so we finished slightly early but it seemed to go really well anyway. Like always, I found some improvements that could be made and have noted those on my lesson plan. Hopefully it will run again next term.

By the time I got home, Pete had taken Billy off with him while he played squash, so I had a couple of hours of quiet to do some design work for a client, and mop the kitchen floor (that one in particular was long overdue!) Unfortunately he came home early because something went "pop" in his foot - he's hobbling around in a fair bit of pain atm and sitting with ice-packs on it. I suspect we might have a trip up to emergency tomorrow..

I have a little ritual with Billy at bedtime, I ask him what's been good about his day and to tell me x things that he's enjoyed. (I vary the number to keep him on his toes lol). I started it earlier this year to try & build his self-esteem and get him into a habit of reflecting on the happy things in his day. He loves it and won't let me get away with skipping it :) It's so funny some of the things that he comes up with at times - "I got to stay up late" or "I got to eat take-away" etc. Today was "I got to see the groovy lights at squash" - it's fun to see things through the eyes of a child :)


Susan said...

what a lovelt bedtime ritual! I love hearing the stuff kids think is important, oh how life changes hey!

Lisa said...

Nice idea to set up that kind of cha at bedtime. My son hates me aksling everyday after school how his day was, or so I thought. The one day I didn't recently, he asked me at bedtime why I hadn't asked him yet -lol-
Hope hubby's ankle is okay and you don't need to run off to any emergency rooms.
Take care of you.

lightening said...

Great idea Kez. We occasionally ask our kids but haven't made it into a ritual. Kids seem to thrive on routines and rituals. I love the thought of ending the day with a positive thought. :-)

My DS nearly always answers "PE" as one of the highlights of his day. LOL. Can't say PE was EVER the highlight of my day! He's obviously doesn't take after his mother in that respect.

Kez said...

It's amazing how they love the routines :)

J - PE was never ever the highlight of my day either :)