Friday, August 03, 2007

Starting to simplify..

I'm slowly starting to simplify my life.

A small step - but I just did a mass delete of emails from several email groups I'm a member of. I was behind a few days and had hundreds of emails - from a glance most of them appeared to be general chat or whinging so I'm not missing anything by deleting!

Yesterday I cancelled swimming lessons for the term. We'd already missed 2 weeks with illness and likely this week as well as he still has a cold. The lessons were Friday morning 9am, and it always seemed to end up in arguments getting there on time as we were both tired & grumpy after a long week. Billy is at preschool for longer hours while I'm working, so I decided to just cancel them. I was prepared to lose the deposit I'd paid, but was pleasantly surprised when she asked if I wanted to transfer it to next term! Bonus :)

Speaking of which, did anyone catch the ACA episode on child burnout the other night? I don't normally watch that show (or any of those!) but that one caught my eye. Very scary..

I've decided to cut Billy's preschool days down to 1 or 2 once I finish work at the end of Oct. I haven't told preschool yet but have told Billy so he won't let me forget :) The director comes back from maternity leave next week, and the acting director (who is also one of Billy's teachers) is going off to another preschool - we'll miss her.

I'm not going to think about work today - it's just making me stressed so will do a Scarlett O'Hara and think about it tomorrow :)

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