Friday, August 31, 2007

Monthly grocery wrap-up

I haven't done a major shop for 6 weeks! In fact the Homescan people rang me yesterday to find out why I hadn't been scanning stuff! Unfortunately I've been picking things up over the last couple of weeks as I was doing the party shopping - a jar of peanut butter here, butter there etc. I totalled it yesterday and I've spent $60 already! (There was 3L of olive oil - ~ $25 - in that total though).

I was planning on doing a major shop today but all of the lollies & chips etc that Billy has eaten recently have kicked in & he's an absolute nightmare atm. I'm not taking him for a major shop in that mood!! We need to go near the chicken outlet shop today so I'll call in there & see what we can get, then I'll just call into Aldi for the necessities on the way home.


Joyce said...

what is homescan?

Kez said...

Homescan is a thing through AC Nielsen - they give you a scanner to put in your house and you have to scan all of the groceries that you buy, so they can see shopping trends etc. You earn points for doing it - in about 10 years I think I'll be able to get something out of it lol.

I think you have to be invited to join - they rang me up one day and asked me.