Wednesday, August 29, 2007

On the down hill run!

I feel like I'm on the down hill run with my commitments after this week.

Uni on Tuesday was Wk 6 of 12 - half way there! My Cert IV course today was the 3rd last one - we now have a 2 week break before the next lesson. I've got a couple of assignments to do during that time, but at least that's 2 weeks I only have to go down to Newcastle 1 day not 2 in a row.

I also have a website about *this* close to going live. Hopefully I'll knock the majority of the outstanding stuff over tomorrow. This one has been dragging on for quite a while, so I'll be glad to get it "done & dusted".

I'm inching ever closer to freedom! Bring on November!!


Joyce said...

glad things are starting to slow down, good luck on the rest of your course

Ali said...

your courses willl be finished before you know it and then things will be easier for you :)

lightening said...

I'm sure November will be here before you know it. :-)

Let's hope you don't finish the rest of the downhill run on your bum though! LOL. I was trying to figure out the picture - that's what it looks they're doing. :-)

Kez said...

Thanks everyone!

lol Lightening I think that's what happening in the photo - it looked kind of how I feel atm :)