Monday, August 20, 2007

I think I'm turning into a finger food!

I've been busy cooking over the last 2 days ready for Billy's party on Sunday (it's a family lunch rather than just a kid's party - I don't do kid's parties lol). We decided to do finger food rather than a BBQ or meat & salads like we usually do - please smack me around the head if I decide that again!!

I started off yesterday by mincing 4kg of meat (it was cheaper than buying mince), then made the following:

* 54 mini quiches
* 80 party sausage rolls
* 132 cocktail meatballs
* 36 party pies

oh, and cooked a baked dinner as well!!

I was so exhausted last night - I couldn't even blog :)

I finished it off today by cooking:

* another 43 party pies
* B's birthday cake
* and made up some breadcrumbs - well actually my little helper did under supervision.

Our freezer is stuffed to the gills now! The thing that took the most time was the fact that I only had for eg 3 x 6-muffin trays for the quiches, so that took 3 batches, and 1 tray for the party pies, so that took 7 gos!!

On Saturday I'll be cooking up some chicken drummettes (once I find somewhere to sell them raw), making dough for a few pizzas, and decorating the cake, as well as cleaning the house (Did I mention that we're going out to dinner for Pete's squash presentation on Saturday night as well??!!). Sunday morning I'll make up the pizzas, cook some 'little boys' (cheerios / cocktails frankfurts / whatever they're called in your neck of the woods), make up some bruschetta and do lots of reheating.

Hopefully that will be enough food - as well as chips & lollies to start, plus slices for dessert that my MIL is in charge of.... I'm notorious for over-catering!

And yes, several times during all that cooking I was wondering why I couldn't just do what 'normal' people do and go and buy it all lol. Glad I'm not normal - at least this way I know exactly what's in all of the stuff - unlike the overpriced cr*p from the freezer section!


Ali said...

wow, you've certainly been extremely busy in the kitchen. I'm sure evryone will appreciate it and Billy's party will be great :)

Lisa said...

I think you will have plenty of food Kez! As for making it yourself I think it is great, I don't have a choice with my son as he reacts to so many preservatives additives and food colourings. And the homemade ones always taste better!

Polly said...

Goodness me, you've been busy. Your guests are going to love all that home made food. After all that work you had better rest up a bit before the big day.:-)

lightening said...

LOL - you have taken on quite a load. It all sounds wonderful though! :-) I hope it all goes well - I'm sure it will. :-)

Kez said...

Lisa - my son reacts too (hence I think the little meltdown tonight after preschool...). It's fun, isn't it?! lol

Thanks Ali, Polly & Lightening :)

Crazy Mumma said...

Phew, I'm exhausted just reading about your cooking, LOL :-) Well done though, and as you say, the stuff you make is 10 times better (and better for you) than anything you buy in the freezer section of the supermarket. Hope you have a great party! Cheers :-)

Kris said...

"4 kgs ofmeat" - by crikey, that sounds like a lot of meat when you put it like that.

BrayClan said...

oooohhhh you have made me all of a sudden crave finger food!!!!!

hope Billy has a super party :)

Susan said...

wow you have been busy! I'm, hungry just reading your post!

Can you share some of the recipes for the finger food? maybe even just your favs? Or do you have a yummy sausage roll recipe? I'd love to give this sort of thing a go!

I'm sure the party will be a big success :)