Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just for Kris..

Here's a summary of my day off - not very exciting but bliss :)

I dropped Billy at preschool, got home about 9:45 & put a load of washing on. Sat down on the lounge in the sun and read a book (Birthright by Nora Roberts) til about 11am (with a quick trip to the clothes line to hang the clothes out). I started to get a bit sleepy so I went to bed and slept til about 1:30!!! It was great apart from that really groggy feeling you get after a daytime sleep! Had some lunch, read more of my book until 4 when I got the clothes back in, packed Billy a snack and went to pick him up from preschool.

Ahhhh I needed that!! I've kept up the theme tonight - I cooked tea, made Billy's b'day party invitations and haven't even thought about work..

I still have about 70 pages of my book left to finish though, so I think I'll rectify that now :)


libby said...

Wow, sounds like a perfect day. I do that on holidays - when the girls are off playing with their friends - but never at home. I'm glad you were able to without feeling guilty. Way to go. I have a scrapbook day with my girlfriends every fortnight so that's my total relax day. All us Mum's need to do something like this on a regular basis - and it's probably more critical if you also work outside the home (or from home in your case).


lightening said...

It sounds wonderful!!!! :-)