Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm so excited!

I'm having a day off! Once I drop Billy at preschool, I'm coming home and going to lay on the lounge in the sunshine with a book, and probably nap as well :) I just read Lightening's post about Your Money or Your Life so I think I'll intersperse Nora Roberts with that lol. I'll probably still check emails (since I'm addicted!) but won't even read any work related ones - well, I'll try anyway :)

Catchya! (I'm feeling giddy like a kid with a day off school!)


Susan said...

Oh nice, I hope you enjoy your relaxing day :)

Kris said...

Was it good? I can't imagine a whole day to myself. Please write about this in great detail so that I might live vicariously thorugh you.

Kez said...

lol Kris - I'll post about it just for you :)