Friday, August 24, 2007

Blog Comments

How do you handle it when you leave a comment on someone's blog that you want to later check back to see if they've replied? Do you just add the URL to your favorites? Try to remember what you wrote where? Or ???

What's your technique?


Anonymous said...

On my computer (Apple )I have a Bookmarks facility where I can store interesting sites which I can store to go back to later.

Also I have a good old standard notebook and paper next to my computer for writing down sites to look at which people recommend, especially books. Often people recommend books that they have read or on a particularly good blog the books the blogger has read are worth noting. I must admit thought that I do have more notes than action at the moment, just waiting for the usual thing - more time !!! Less lurking on blogs would help !!!


Ali said...

I have all of my regular read blogs in "favourites" and look at them twice a day to see if people have posted. When I look at them I remember if I've posted something that I want to see the bloggers response to.

Lisa said...

I have to admit I forget sometimes what I have written where, I tedn to do the Ali system but not always foolproof. Looking forward to others comments on this one! Now i just have to remember to come back and read them!!!

Alita said...

I think I pretty much do the same as others have already said - keep an eye out when you go back.

Susan said...

no method here.
I guess you could open a text file and paste the links in as you make cmments? i might try that and see if i can keep it up!

Kez said...

Damn, I was hoping someone had a better system than me lol. If you try it Susan, let me know how you go!