Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pleasant day

Great news - my mummy will be home soon lol. They rang tonight ("they" being my parents, sister & nieces) - they're leaving Perth tomorrow and will be taking their time coming home, so will probably be home in about 10 days. However knowing their usual form, they'll probably get a whiff of home and get here much quicker! It'll be good to see them - they left in April :(

So today - Billy woke me up with breakfast in bed - a big bowl of dry cereal lol. It was a beautiful day weather-wise - I even got into shorts! (Luckily no-one was here to see :) ) This morning I tidied up & swept the front & back verandahs and did a little bit of paid work. I ducked into Bilo & Woolies this afternoon to pick up some drinks & chips that were on special for Billy's party and then did some cooking (3 cakes - chopped up & in the freezer already or they'd be gone!). Tea was a roast chicken dinner. Nice & relaxing..

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