Monday, September 03, 2007

Our weekend

We escaped for the weekend (not sure if anyone noticed lol). Pete had a beer dinner on in Newcastle on Saturday night, and I wasn't keen on him travelling home alone on the train after midnight. He has a whole heap of "frequent traveller points" from the travel he does for work, so he used some of them to book a room in Newcastle for the night. We went along for the ride :)

After we checked in, Pete & Billy took off to play squash (well, Pete played squash, Billy played with the other kids). Which left me a glorious couple of hours BY MYSELF! I went for a leisurely walk along the foreshore to find somewhere we could get tea later on, bought Pete's Father's Day present and then came back to the quiet hotel room, lay in the sun, and read a book! Nice :) I think I even dozed a bit..

Pete went off to his beer dinner and Billy & I got fish, chips & calamari for tea. He was quite taken with sleeping on the fold-out bed in the sofa!

It was an early morning on Sunday - Pete had to go down to Sydney to watch the last Swan's home game for the season. We did the Father's Day gifts - Angus & Robertson gift voucher from me, and a paddle-pop stick coaster from Billy, then Pete went off to Sydney and we drove up to my parents house to spend the day. My Dad enjoyed his combined birthday-Father's Day Bunnings vouchers (he calls it 'man-church' lol) - it should give him hours of entertainment wandering around :)

Some photos of the weekend:

Nobby's breakwall - a distinctive view of Newcastle (a bit glary though!)

Newcastle foreshore - they've done a great job with this area. Notice our interesting "phallic" tower in the centre of the photo - no idea what the architect was thinking with that one!!!!

Fishing trawler coming back in

Newcastle is a working port - tugs waiting for their next job

Father's Day cup of coffee on the special coaster

My Dad getting help from all of the grandkids to open his present!

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libby said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend Kerrie - esp. the part where you had time to yourself :-).