Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Preschool, work and food ramblings

I had a blogging slump last week, so bear with me while I ramble to catch up :)

I'm becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Billy's preschool atm. I know part of it is that now I've made up my mind to homeschool, I'm eager to get started, but it's more than that. The director is a lovely lady but, well ... disorganised would be a good word! That was fine last year because Billy's main room teacher picked up a lot of the slack. The director went off on maternity leave early this year, and Billy's teacher filled in as the dierctor. She did a wonderful job, introduced some good improvements and the place ran well. Now the original director is back from maternity leave and unfortunately Billy's teacher has been nabbed by another preschool to be the director there. Since then there's also been other personnel changes so he has different teachers as well. It's all very up & down atm.

Add to that a new little 'darling' at preschool - thank goodness he's only just started there. Every time I go to drop off or pick up I'll hear the teachers telling M not to do things - the very first day he was there he was throwing all of the balls over the fence. Billy has come home with a few new words courtesy of M as well.. :( Not swear words as such, but words I'd prefer my 5 year old wasn't using..

Luckily we only have 5 or 6 weeks left of 3 days/week, then we'll drop down to 1 day / week. Billy says he would be happy to finish up completely but he can finish up the year with their Xmas party, "graduation" etc.

The website that was stressing me out so much is finally live ( if anyone wants to buy any juggling equipment etc!) There's still a couple of minor things to finish off, but they're lower down on my list. I'm not 100% happy with the design, but what's that saying? "The customer is always right"?! :) So now I'm redesigning another 2 existing websites for a couple of clients.

Grocery shopping is all over the place atm - I didn't get a chance to do a full monthly shop earlier in the month, so I've been doing a pantry challenge. I had to buy a couple of things today - 10 kg potatoes, apples, bananas, cucumber, 2 loaves bread & eggs. I only spent $20 so was happy with that - I had to be, I only took $20 with me :) I made a loaf of bread last night but my breadmaker tin has decided to come apart, so I'll have to try the kitchen aid tomorrow. I was just about out of butter too, but found some cream in the freezer so whipped it up into butter. That'll do til next week. Pete's party (40th) is on Saturday so I expect we'll be back to eating leftovers the following week :) I'll be glad to get September out of the way!

Yesterday was a tough day tutoring at Uni - my normally difficult subject was even more difficult with most students not understanding the concepts at all (and we won't mention the errors that were in the tutorials - just to make life even harder!). The other subject - that is usually pretty easy - was full of students asking me about the assignment due on Friday! I didn't get a break & to eat my lunch until after 3pm - no wonder I ended up with a headache last night!

We went down to see our new niece Cassie on Sunday - she's beautiful and Mum & bub are both doing well.

I think that's all - if anyone is still reading by now :)


Christine said...

Your post caught my attention. I'm glad I stopped by!

I also stretched my pantry last week. I was sooooo proud of myself!

Joyce said...

great job o the pantry challenge,

im sure things will get better with school, your on the downhill run now hooray!!

Kez said...

Well done Christine!

Thanks Joyce!

Ali said...

The website looks great ~ when I did landscaping I would sometimes get frustrated with customer choices and would have to remember the"customer is always right" saying too :)

wow, you did well with your pantry challenge!

lightening said...

Sounds like you've been very creative with what you had on hand Kez. Well done.

Staff changes are always unsettling aren't they. Is Billy there until the end of the year? I find it hard when other kids have a negative influence on my kids but it's also an important learning experience isn't it - to not follow what someone else does.

Hope the party goes well. :-)

Kez said...

Lightening - yes, he'll go to preschool until the end of the year. Party went well - there's 3 people left atm - they're all out playing pool. I know 2 of those were planning to stay overnight - I'm assuming the 3rd will now as well lol.

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