Monday, September 24, 2007

Family Days..

I need a day at home! I think we've been out every day for over a week.. Roll on Wednesday!

Sunday we spent the day up at my sister-in-law's - Pete's aunty was down for a visit so we got together at Cher's place for a BBQ. It was on the most part a pleasant day (apart from the reaction to the homeschooling news - I need to grow a thicker skin to do this lol) - we didn't get home til about 8pm so while not an overly late night home, it certainly felt like it after a day of sitting around. I was very stressed before we left thinking about all of the stuff I have to do, and had a quiet little meltdown.. The house is so messy atm that it's really adding to my stress levels - every time I turn around I see something else that needs to be done.. You need to kick your way into Billy's room atm - I made up a chart on Sunday morning where he has to go and put away 5 pieces of clothing, 5 toys or books and throw away 5 pieces of rubbish. I can see a bit of floor there now after 2 days, so it must be helping :)

Today was my eldest niece's 15th b'day so we spent the day with them. Lunch, ice-cream cake, presents and good company :) I finally got their network working so feel very relieved to tick that one off my mental list!

Happy b'day Christie - hope you had a great day!

For the rest of the week I have - uni tomorrow, working at home Wed & Thu (must make a start on my tax this week). Friday I think we'll stay at home and do some cooking. (I made the mistake of telling Billy there may be gingerbread at the Oktoberfest because there used to be when I went many moons ago - there wasn't so he's been hassling to make it instead). Not sure about the weekend yet - Saturday is free at this point & Sunday is supposed to be a get-together with the locals from the Simple Savings group. I think I also saw an ad tonight to say that the Mattara festival is on in Newcastle on Sunday - it's an annual festival that looks like it might be worth checking out while we're down that way.

For now though, it's off to bed..

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Ali said...

we had a weekend of various family events too. Sometimes it's great just to do nothing...