Saturday, September 22, 2007

Medieval Oktoberfest??

I took this photo yesterday while we were having a picnic outside for lunch - I'm a bit worried as to what he's been watching to slip into a pose like that :)

We went off to visit the Newcastle Germania Club today for their Oktoberfest weekend. I used to go many, many years ago in high school - our German class used to have an excursion there so I had great memories of it. Apparently it hasn't run for many years and this was the first year back - I guess every festival has to start somewhere but to be honest it wasn't that exciting. We got to have Bratwurst & Kransky for lunch, listened (and Billy danced) to the German music and Pete got to enjoy some German beer, but that was about the extent of the "German-ness".. They had a couple of big jumping castles set up so the boy was extremely happy and spent several hours playing happily on those!

The main reason we went though was we knew they were having the local medieval group doing fight demonstrations (yeah I don't get the connection either :) ) It was pretty cool - they were all dressed up, did some one-on-one fighting, and then Andrew (who works with Pete) let Billy use the axe and bash him up! Needless to say the first thing he did when he came home was made a sword :)

It would have been a far more pleasant day if it hadn't been cold & raining though!

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Inspire_Me said...

great pics!Im sure next year will be bigger and better