Friday, September 14, 2007

What am I thinking?!

It's day like today that I wonder if I'll be able to cope with homeschooling.. We only got up at 7 - and by 8am he was annoying me so much I had to seek refuge in the shower! (And you wonder why I have loooong showers lol). He wasn't being naughty or anything, just annoying. I've found Fridays really hard to take this year - I'm not sure if we're both tired by the end of the week, or it's the fact he's been at preschool for 3 days or the fact that I've been able to complete a thought in peace for 3 days, or a combination - but Fridays are really tough.. That was one reason I cancelled his swimming lessons this term - getting to swimming by 9am Friday morning was such a struggle and often ended in yelling & tears (and that was just me lol).

Today I need to find the house - I'm sure it's here somewhere under this mess! - and cook a b'day cake. We have Pete's 40th party on tomorrow (it's his b'day today). I learnt my lesson after Billy's party - we've ordered BBQ chickens (already cut up), fried chicken pieces & salads from a local chicken shop - I just need to pick them up on Saturday morning, and throw some frozen wedges in the oven. It's certainly not the cheap option, but it's costing less than I budgeted for so all is good.

Right, well, I'd best stop procrastinating and actually get to work!


Ali said...

I think all of us with child/ren have had that thought :) Cancelling the swimming lessons was a good idea, you can always do it at a later date!

Hope you have a great party for Pete tomorrow....

Joyce said...

you will do fine Kez, showers are always good OR pop billy in the bath :D

libby said...

i think we all feel like this at times. Just remember next year when you are home schooling you won't be working as much and should be under less stress and therefore less easily annoyed by young children. Personally I love when my girls are at school - love the peace and quiet. So I guess you also need to work in some private time for you during the week so you get that time as well.


lightening said...

I hear you on the long showers - although my kids like to bug me in there as well at times!!! LOL.

Hopefully once you settle into a bit of a routine when you start homeschooling, things will get a little easier.

Being able to work independently is a good skill so that's something to be mindful of teaching once you get going.

Don't feel bad about needing some time out - I think that's perfectly normal. :-)