Friday, September 14, 2007

He's back..

Our blue tongue is back! Actually more than likely a descendant of last year's but good to see him/her back anyway.. We usually start to see him around the garden at this time of year.

I was coming back in from hanging the clothes out, and heard a scrabbling in the ag pipe - I guessed it was the bluey so kept an eye out for him and the camera handy. He came out of the pipe and just sat there posing for ages. I'd put the rest of Muffin's (our cat) tea out for the birds to pick at (minced chicken) - after he sat in the sun for half an hour or so he wandered across to the bowl and started eating it. It was really cool watching his blue tongue flicking out to eat! I didn't get a photo though as I'd shut the door by then and didn't want to disturb him by opening it.

You can click on the photo to get a bigger image. You can find out more about the blue tongue lizard here - - I just found out heaps of stuff I didn't know!


libby said...

Oh, he's cute. We used to have blue tongues at our old home and I do miss them.


Ali said...

we have ordinary lizards in the garden here ~ I hear them russling in the sugar cane mulch as I walk past!

lightening said...

Can't say as I'm a big fan of lizards. But then we only get sleepy lizards around here and I get a bit paranoid that one will latch onto me one day.