Saturday, September 15, 2007

All partied out..

I'm sitting here in an exhausted puddle because the party is over.. This one was Pete's 40th - I swear we're not usually so social! I went easy on myself for the catering - got takeaway chicken & salads from a chicken shop, and cooked up some frozen wedges. All nice & simple, but I'm exhausted from being on my feet, and talking to people.

There are still 3 people out there playing pool - I know 2 of them are staying the night, not sure about the 3rd. We'll just get some pizzas or something for tea - although there is heaps of chicken & stuff left over.

Which leads me to my vent - why do people seem to think an RSVP is unnecessary anymore??! It was like pulling hen's teeth to find out who was coming - even this morning we still weren't sure about some people. And then some of the ones who said they were coming failed to turn up anyway.. So that's why we have so much leftovers!!

Photos to come - maybe. I haven't even looked at the camera to see what I took. And my feet are too sore to get up and look now :)


Ali said...

it is frustrating and rude when people don't RSVP ~ we even had that prolem with our wedding last year!!

I hope you keep your feet up all evening :)

Miss K said...

Lol, yup i hate people who dont RSVP!

Mrs. Pivec said...

Parties wear me out too! I don't throw them very often.

We ALWAYS have many leftovers and you are so right about the RSVP's. I always make an effort to do so, because I just think it's rude not to. I mean, you've been invited to someplace where someone is going to entertain and feed you, I think the least you could do is let them know if you are coming!