Friday, September 28, 2007

I did something radical today!

... I turned off my computer for the day! lol - don't laugh, that is a huge step for me!!

I was so stressed this morning - I had a dreadful night's sleep, a few emails had come in from clients overnight that were stressing me and I was feeling pulled in a million directions. I just felt like curling up in a ball, pulling the covers over my head and crying. I was physically hurting - I even sat down in the shower because I felt so weak. So I made the decision to not think about work for the day and address some of the other things that were stressing me.

After my shower, I switched the computer off - I knew if I didn't I'd keep coming back to it. I'm addicted :( My name is Kerrie and I'm an Internet-holic... I must be one of the few people in the world not to have an MP3 player :) but I do have a Crowded House album stored on my mobile phone, so I stuck that in my pocket, cranked it up and started cleaning the house. It's quite amazing how many more hours there are in the day when the computer is not sucking them up!!! I got the house tidied, toilets cleaned, floors swept & vacuumed - stuff that had been niggling away saying "I must do that" every time I turned around. I even had time for breaks, and read my book! Billy decided he would clean the bathroom for me - it did involve emptying everything out of the vanity but it kept him amused :)

Anyway it made me feel a lot better to just ignore it for the day (I have to admit to checking the mail a couple of times via webmail on a different computer - it's the main way Pete & I stay in touch while he's at work - but I made sure to only read non-work stuff). We finished the day off at the park before picking Pete up from the train.

I'm in a much better frame of mind to tackle the work tonight...


Lisa said...

Well Done! I'm proud that you could walk away and give yourself some space. -hugs-

libby said...

HI Kerrie,

That was a big step wasn't it? I'm an addict too. Though I've gone over from being an e-mail addict to blog addict but that's got better since getting Google Reader.
Anyway, I think you did great. And I know when my house is tidy and ordering everything else is that much easier to deal with. Glad you got in some fun things too like reading and going to the park. You're on the home stretch now for having so much to do.
Hope you continue to feel better today.


Joy said...

Good on ya, Kerrie! Very brave to switch off your computer for the day! Sometimes I despair as well that it runs my life.... Every now and then I switch it off too and then I get a LOT more done! Hang in there :)



Ali said...

that's great Kerrie!! That's what I know do most week days.

My name is Ali and I'm a blog-a-holic!!

lightening said...

Well done!!! Last night I decided I was going to leave the computer OFF today - can you tell I didn't succeed. Doh!

Sending you (((HUGS))). Hope you're feeling better. :-)

Suse said...

Good on you, I'm thinking I need to make myself take a computer-free day once a week.

PS. LOVED the Young Ones.

Jacqui said...

I'm an internet addict too. Why do you think I'm reading your blog instead of packing when I only have 44 days to go. hmm....