Sunday, September 16, 2007

Clowing around..

Some photos I forgot to show of our trip to the art gallery last week. They had a "circus" exhibition on by Joe Furlonger and Robert Callander. There were paintings, sculptures and drawings - and that's about as technical as I can get!

Did you know that clowns used to "trademark" their clown face by painting it onto an egg which was then stored in a big vault? No-one was allowed to copy another clown's face - that would steal their spirit. And when that clown went to the "bigtop in the sky", the egg was crushed? Neither did I until I went to the exhibition!!! They had a table set up so kids could create their own clown face on a egg-shaped piece of paper using bits of scrap - they may not have any left after Billy was through though :)

When we got home we read a piece about clowns in other countries, and the next day did a clown craft - creating a clown from an empty toilet roll that I got from here -


Ali said...

I never knew that about clown faces!! I am surprised at the number is children who are scared of clowns!!

Kez said...

I thought it was pretty cool too! My 10 year old niece is the only one who has known it so far! Billy used to be scared of clowns -I guess they do look pretty freaky in that make-up!

Lisa said...

How cool is that! I never knew it either and I even did some amateur clowing when I was a teenager!