Saturday, September 08, 2007

I love nanna naps :)

Pete took Billy with him while he played squash this afternoon so I had some time to myself. I *was* going to either do my assignment or some work, but was so tired and had a bit of a headache so I had a nap instead :) 2 hrs later and I felt much more alive!!

While I was sleeping the faithful washing machine did a load of washing - unfortunately it had to go through the dryer as the weather is very unsettled atm, and some of the stuff was needed tomorrow. I did the ironing while they were gone as well, and cooked a lovely roast dinner.

We have a roast dinner once a week all going well - I usually rotate between chicken, beef & pork but depending what's on special. As well as a lovely roast dinner, and a nice tradition, it also gives us lunch meat for the week, and I usually do some baking while the oven is on. (Anzac biscuits tonight). We usually have it on Sunday nights but I wasn't sure what time we'd be home from Sydney tomorrow, so we had it tonight instead. I only had a few potatoes left so stretched it out with Yorkshire pudding - yummmm! My grandma is English so I was raised on the stuff!!

Speaking of what's on special - we were in Bilo on Friday getting some stuff for Brad & Riss's new bub - just a care package of things like wipes, nappy cream etc. I was looking at some little stuffed toys and Billy said "do you think Cassie would like that?" I replied "probably but it's a bit expensive". He just looked at me and said "Does anyone buy expensive things??". lol I had to laugh and tell him "yes, some people do buy expensive things" :)


Miss K said...

Love the Nana naps too, there is nothing nicer on the weekend then having b'friend take out the kids so i can catch a few zzzzz, although like you i have to make sure the washing machine or dishwasher is going so i have "done somthing" lol
MissK (SS'er)

Kez said...

Gotta love the washing machine, don't you?! :)

Thanks for dropping by Miss K!

Suse said...

I think I love the term 'nana naps' as much as I do the naps themselves.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Helen said...

Yorkshire puddings - YUM!!

On Billys comment Danyals now asks - is it in the sale as I am not paying full price!!

Kez said...

Suse - I agree, it's a great term :)

I'll make some Yorkshire puddings for you when you come over Helen - or you can make them for me since you're the pom :)

lol @ Danyal!