Monday, September 03, 2007

First homeschool project..

Today Billy did his first 'recorded' homeschool project - he watched an episode of Backyard Science a few days ago where they soaked a chicken bone in vinegar to make it rubbery (by leaching the calcium out). We had a discussion the next day or so about what foods had calcium in them and the fact our bones need calcium or they'll go 'rubbery'.

We had chicken for lunch today and he wanted to try the experiment - so I now have a jar of vinegar with a chicken bone in it on my bench :) He followed it up by creating a poster of foods with calcium in them - I printed out a traceable sheet from with the word calcium on so he had some hand-writing practice, and then he went to town with the scissors, glue & a bunch of grocery catalogues!

After he'd finished, I got out the 'Disney' kid's encyclopedias and we read what calcium was, and looked at pictures of skeletons.

So there's science for the day!

The chicken bone in vinegar :)

Making the chart

The finished product


John said...

I don't always agree with you, but I see that you are objective in your
postings. Despite the differences I still enjoy reading your posts and I
often learn even when our viewpoints are different. :-)

Joyce said...

What a fab project!

I am interested in hearing about your homeschooling experiences, I am not patient enough to teach my children, but I love hearing about how you are doing. YOu are doing a wonderful job raising a very happy child, well done!

Ali said...

I admire you for home schooling. I couldn't do it!! Looks like a great project :)

Susan said...

I am another who couldnt homeschool, i do know of people who choose to do it though.

Must admit that bone looks quite gross! LOL, its an experiment I will make time to do wiht my own kids for the curious factor though!

Kez said...

Oooh look - I've been spammed I think - wow I feel special now!

Thanks guys for the thoughts. Susan - I think you're supposed to take the cartilage off the bone first - Billy was doing it though and I wasn't allowed to interfere!