Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 7th birthday Billy!

Our baby boy has turned 7 - amazing!

I chose this photo because it seemed to sum him up - a bit cheeky, cute (well I think so!), busy doing something (that usually makes a mess!), loving being the centre of attention - oh, and in his pyjamas :)

He loves anything to do with computers, especially computer games, cartoons - especially Ben 10 and Scooby Doo, anything to do with science, cooking, magic, Joeys and sport. He loves to sit and watch the news and weather! He thrives on being the centre of attention in a group that he feels comfortable with, but can be surprisingly shy in a new group. He loves to act and is always filming himself perfoming little shows :)

While he can be reasonably independant, he also still loves a snuggle and tells me "I love you" a dozen times each day.

He can drive me mad with arguing and questioning (while I want a child who knows his own mind, I'd just prefer he didn't practice on me quite so often lol), and knows exactly what buttons to push to make me explode, but then will melt my heart in the next instance.

Being his mother is the most challenging, yet rewarding job I've ever had.

Happy birthday to my buddy...


Katy said...

Happy birthday Billy! Have a fabulously fun day!

Anonymous said...

Oh That's so sweet. I hope Billy has a great day.

Dana said...

Very sweet and what a great picture. He is cute and seems like quite a guy! Have a great weekend!

Suji said...

OH he is CUTE alright!! Happy birthday buddy! Hope you have a lovely year ahead. And keep a look out in the mail for a little home made card from your pal in California!

Aunt Suji

Kez said...

Thanks everyone! He had a lovely day - in fact he's had a great extended birthday 'week or so' :)

He'll be so excited about the card Suji! Thanks :)

Bleu said...

Oh, how sweet a post this was, and what a beautiful boy you have!