Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Educating Kez

I feel dumb.

It's been 7 years since I left the adult environment of the workforce, where I was forced to learn new skills, have conversations with GROWN UPS and use my brain for something other than knowing where everyone in the house left their stuff...

A few years ago I did my Cert IV in Training and Assessment - it was a wonderful year. Even though it was majorly stressful and challenging, it gave me a real high to be learning again.

My brain is back to feeling like it's atrophied - to the point that I find it hard to carry on a conversation now - you know how often when you chat to new mums all they can talk about is their new bub, sleep patterns, teething etc? I feel like that a lot - like my conversation is out of step with the rest of the world. Then again, that could be because I don't watch reality TV!!

I find it hard to read anything much more challenging than chick-lit because, damn it, it hurts my brain!!

It's time to wake my brain back up. It will be good for me, and I think it will be good for Billy to see me learning too.

I always wanted to study ancient history in more depth than I did at school. I'd love to read all of Shakespeare's plays (without having to write essays on them!). I want to go back to being the person who picked up Dicken's "Tale of Two Cities" - and read it for fun! I'd maybe even like to see if I can understand physics this time around.. (hang on - maybe not!)

I have a huge personal library, and 2 great public libraries to choose from. So I'm starting tonight. I'm going over to the bookcase once I post this, I'm going to choose something that's a bit heavier than the romance novel I have on my bedside table (not too heavy though!), and I'm going to start reading it.

Let's see if the brain can still work..


Louise said...

Well done Kez- I know that feeling as well and we do have to nurture ourselves to be able to do the best job for our boys.

You will need to let us know if it works :-)

Dana said...

Aah yes...I know the feeling. I can tell everyone in the house where their things are and no one can even find the ketchup in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator!

Good for you for taking care of your own needs. Some time ago my son and I studied a bit about Helen Keller. I borrowed a book on her life for my own reading pleasure. Soon I realized that my son was not cuddling up to me on the couch for love while I read...he was reading my book right along with me! Great memory!

Kez said...

Thanks Louise - and yes, I will update everyone with my progress.

Dana - it's frustrating to be the only one in the house that can find things, isn't it??!

The Tin House said...

...don't even joke about the physics! Too many tears were shed on that score.

Great idea. I've found myself with some time lately and have largely sat around staring at the walls waiting for inspiration.

I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, vegetable, miracle" to try and reinvigorate my raison d'etre.

My aim is to listen to or watch one current affairs programme every day (who am I kidding - preferably three or four) but just lately I haven't been finding the time. I'd certainly fail a current events exam!

A book to put on your radar - it's one I remember reading sometime in high school - junior I think - called "Z is for Zachariah". My faulty memory tells me it was about the last two people on earth after a nuclear holocaust. I'd love to read it again.

Right now though, I must dash and put some wood on the fire so we don't all freeze to death.

Lisa x